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5 basic reasons why coworking is here to replace the office


There is a pretty high chance that you are now sitting at the coworking space. Why? In the last years at least three new coworking spaces were opening daily and the average number of coworkers kept increasing with over 200 people each working day.

Here are 5 simple reasons why coworking is on fire and the traditional offices will be soon left behind.

  1. The era of ‘Co-‘. 

Co-driving, co-eating, co-living, co-working. Co-succeeding. Shared economy is here to revolutionize not only the way we consume traditional services but also the way we live and work. The new ‘agile’ professionals prefer coworking spaces because of the collaborative space design, flexibility in terms of the rent contracts and easy access to multi-functional work space (desks, meeting rooms, kitchen area, lounge, event spaces, etc.). Also, in this digital era of ‘Co-‘ where the growth of self-employed processionals is estimated to reach over 50% of workforce in Europe by 2020, people will simply need people – coworkers.

  1. Evolution of work-life: network, skills, resource and social life on demand.

There are a few basic factors that leave the traditional office spaces behind the work-life evolution. Firstly, many entrepreneurial spirits cannot afford the office space because of the lack of capital in the overpriced urban areas and being outside the central area might be too expensive in terms of time, opportunities and resources. Secondly, they need something scalable and agile that merges work environment with social life perks, the place where the whole ecosystem is brought together to discover each other faster: skilled future team-mates, clients and customers, advisors and investors, journalists and media.

  1. Opportunities beyond working space rent. 

Yoga, workshops, meet-ups, investor days, creative breakfast, corporate innovation, networking and 101 other activities under the same roof to foster your professional and personal life. Coworking is going way beyond what is usually happening at the only-office environment. Also, from the business perspective, it makes it easier for the operators to keep the affordable coworking memberships prices while having such extra revenue streams.

  1. Hunger of Real Estate owners.

Is real estate a business foundation for coworking? This is an ongoing discussion. In the meanwhile, the real estate landlords started realizing that this trend is rapidly taking over the traditional office space market. Not only single individuals and startups are clustering at coworking spaces but also corporates seeking for innovative, flexible and collaborative environment. To keep up with the chaining work-life style, real estate landlords have to start welcoming these, perhaps, slightly risky but edgy coworking space operators. Alternatively, some landlords try to run coworking themselves but as it is such a complex concept covering everything from architecture and design to people psychology, the risk of failing with no expertise is unreasonably high. Whichever model to be chosen, coworking is already on their consideration as a new business opportunity.

  1. The generation of digital nomads.

Software developers from Silicon Valley, creatives from Lithuania, marketers from Italy, MBAs from Germany, language experts, film producers, school dropouts and any other digital enthusiasts travelling the world and working ‘on the go’. These professionals do short term commitments as they travel on a regular basis and the basic needs are a quick integration, like minded-colleagues and network. Coworking is the place to get all of these.


Rasa Strumskyte 

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