(English) Fostering innovation in Vienna: Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria and the startup ecosystem

Vienna Business Agency

Founded in 1982, the Vienna Business Agency represents Vienna’s first point of contact for national and international companies when it comes to financial support, real estate and urban development incentives as well as free advice. As a result, the Agency fosters and supports innovation, as exemplified by Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria, previously selected during a funding contest run by the Agency itself. The first german-speaking campus of Talent Garden will open its doors this summer, aiming to become the most innovative coworking space of the country.

In the meantime, we collected the point of view of Gabriele Tatzberger, Head of Start-up Services at the Vienna Business Agency, to see which are the institution’s expectations towards this new innovative space in Vienna.

1. Why did the Vienna Business Agency decide to support Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria?

Initially, it was Talent Garden’s decision to take part in the major funding contest run by Vienna Business Agency for new start-up initiatives. Together with three other projects, Talent Garden was successful and is now being funded in implementing the project by the Vienna Business Agency. In other words, the jury was convinced that Talent Garden is, as the greatest coworking network in Europe, stimulating the Vienna start-up ecosystem, has a fine track record regarding the start-ups that are being supported, and that Vienna is being strengthened even more as a start-up location through Talent Garden.

2. What do you expect from this initiative?

Even more options for founders to get started with their business in Vienna!

3. What is the contribution that the Vienna Business Agency is planning to bring to the community?

Vienna Business Agency enables start-ups to implement their business in Vienna. Financial support is available for that, as well as individualised advice, workshops, and coaching, which are all offered free of charge and in 17 languages. Together with the scene, and for the scene, we implement events and offer access to national and international networks.

4. What do you think of the start-up ecosystem in Vienna?

The Vienna start-up ecosystem is growing, and growing, and growing. Talent Garden is a current example of that. An increasing number of founders is getting started here in Vienna, because they are enjoying the benefits of a very dense funding network in Vienna. And Vienna is also well ahead in the rankings – in the survey conducted by the start-up heat map of the European Start-up Initiative (ESI), Vienna comes in 10th place out of 30!

5. What is the most innovative element about Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria that you can identify?

The mix of offers and members is remarkable – and all that in just one place! Start-ups, established companies, freelancers, business angels, and agencies learn from one another and cooperate to develop innovative projects. A particular incentive is the access to the international network in which Talent Garden and its members run their businesses.

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