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Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria will open its doors this summer, aiming to become the most innovative coworking space of the country. With its 5.000 sqm, the campus will welcome freelancers, startups, companies and students working and learning in the digital field. Partner of the project is the Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), which will have its own startup space inside the campus, offering various services targeted to the Fintech community.

We had a small chat with Hannes Cizek, Head of Digital Banking and Innovation at RBI to learn more about our partner’s expectations towards this initiative.

Why did Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) decide to initiate this partnership with Talent Garden?
The concept of Talent Garden is absolutely convincing. It was clear for us that we will support the idea of having in Vienna such an innovation hub as part of an international co-working network.

What do you expect from this initiative?
As international banking group we focus on sustainable digitization and innovation topics. Cooperating with FinTechs and startups is an important part of our strategy. Still during the second half-year 2017 we will start our Raiffeisen Accelerator program. For this, Talent Garden provides the ideal basis and therefore we will have our own startup space within the campus.

Which is the most innovative element about Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria you can identify?
It is the mixture of a modern, state-of-the-art-building with excellent infrastructure, the business opportunities provided through the support of the founding partners as well as the international network of Talent Garden.

Which is the contribution RBI is planning to bring to the community?
We will support the startup scene with our know-how and our network contacts. We will help them in developing their products and take over a mentoring role regarding business modeling, compliance, taxes etc. Through our Raiffeisen Accelerator we aim at establishing a fruitful cooperation with the startup ecosystem.

What do you think of the startup ecosystem in Vienna?
The startup ecosystem in Vienna is developing very well. There are numerous startups covering the main industries with interesting business models and impressive results in their first business years. Our focus is mainly on FinTech startups and affiliated sectors. We are amazed by the drive and innovative ideas these startups presented to us during the last months.

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