(English) The startup community in Vienna and the role of the Chamber of Commerce

Vienna Business Chamber of Commerce

Partnering with Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria, the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry will actively support the birth and growth of the startups of our soon-to-be-opened campus. Coworking space, education in the digital fields and networking opportunities will be the primary services provided to the new members who decide to join Talent Garden’s European network. Vienna moreover offers an incredibly rich scenario for innovators, as shown by the increasing interest around digital initiatives.

We had a small chat with Regina Plas of the Chamber of Commerce to learn more about our partner’s expectations towards our new campus.

1. Why did the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry decide to initiate this partnership with Talent Garden?

The Chamber of Commerce is highly interested in cooperating with Talent Garden as we aim at strengthening our initiative on bringing digital innovation in Vienna. Thanks to the collaboration with Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria, we hope to intensify the collaboration between corporates und start-ups. So many young talents in one location, who learn from each other, generate a boost in knowhow and represent a crucial resource for future economic development in Vienna. Our main goal is to make the potential and knowledge of start-ups comprehensive and easily accessible to small and medium-sized companies (SME). This is the reason why we will focus our programmes at Talent Garden on networking among start-ups and companies of all sizes and sectors.

2. What do you expect from this initiative?

We expect an active and vibrant location, which is attractive to the startup community and that can offer many initiatives like events, workshops, network meetings and education. In addition, we want the various corporates to benefit from Talent Garden’s services. It is a wonderful opportunity for the Chamber of Commerce to support start-ups and young businesses and provide versatile offers as well as the broad network that is available to us.

3. Which is the most innovative element about Talent Garden A1 Telekom Austria you can identify?

Talent Garden is more than a co-working space; it is the first campus in Vienna, which combines relevant aspects for innovation such as: young digital talents with their business ideas, the commitment of large companies with their own programmes and accelerators and a training academy. This is a unique concept, from which the city and enterprises can benefit. The internationally displayed Talent Garden-concept guarantees that Vienna is and will be perceived as an interesting founding site for foreign start-ups and investors.

4. Which is the contribution the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry is planning to bring to the community?

The Chamber of Commerce will provide different important services, for example:

  • Support to founding a company, including all legal aspects.
  • The “go international-programme” assisting in internationalising business models.
  • Workshops, lectures and events on all topics focusing on innovation, the digital economy and start-ups.
  • The “Rocket Science Startup-Academie” and our startup-challenge “Innovation to Company”
  • Eight workplaces for start-ups that will be offered to teams we determine to be particularly promising.
  • Regular on-site assistance from our staff members to support start-ups.

5. What do you think of the startup ecosystem in Vienna?

The start-up ecosystem in Vienna has high potential. At universities and at Universities of Applied Sciences there are excellent programmes that cover the topic of entrepreneurship. Various start-up programmes and events moreover build on young people with great ideas. The Chamber of Commerce and the city of Vienna provide additional fertile ground. Several large corporates have already their own start-up accelerators. Vienna offers itself exceptional funding programmes, which range from pre-seed to growth-stage and a growing investor landscape.


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