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Innovation is a key element of corporate growth and requires the right combination of people, processes and technologies.

We support corporates and SMEs by analysing their business needs and devising ad-hoc projects to help them embrace the opportunities offered by technologies and digital trends.

We also provide corporate training to upskill and build a culture of innovation inside companies encouraging the process of digital transformation.

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Connect with digital innovators

Our campuses are dynamic spaces inhabited by a community of digital innovators. Here you can organise corporate events, business lunches, product launches, hackathons, meetups with developers and startups, breakfasts, outdoor aperitifs and much more.


A hands-on event to shape ideas and make them concrete. A brain marathon aimed at developing new, innovative projects that can bring a fresh perspective to the core business of any company. An opportunity to unlock the potential of digital innovators.

Discovery Programs

The Discovery service has the aim to support the strategic envisioning of the company, providing meaningful connections with people and stakeholders that can deeply impact the company’s path towards innovation. We do it exploiting our global network of innovators in Europe, Israel and Silicon Valley.

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Special Event Partnerships

Bring your own ideas and we’ll shape together the perfect experience to help you achieve your goals. Talent Garden has always led the way by connecting digital innovators with the most important players in different industries through the organisation of hackathons, talks, festivals, workshops and meetups across Europe.

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Make innovation a part of company culture with Talent Garden Innovation School training programmes

We help companies and their employees to build a culture of innovation in order to face present and future challenges and grow their business in the era of digital transformation.

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Do you want to bring innovation into your organization?

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Some of our projects

Innovation in the publishing market

A project, designed with Google, aimed to support FIEG (Italian Federation of Editors and Newspapers) in developing a new mindset towards the opportunities enabled by a consistent adoption of digital technologies in the publishing market. We organised an Envisioning Academy in three different cities and a hackathon in Turin to transform ideas into concrete projects that could be implemented in the industry.

Digital Transformation facilitator

Working side-by-side with Intesa Sanpaolo the biggest Italian Bank since 2016 to promote Digital Transformation and Innovation throughout Italy. Collaborating on events like Supernova in 2016 and Futureland in 2017 we also held a Master in Digital Transformation for “Made in Italy” in 2017 and 2018 with Cisco.

Digital Transformation Program with Angelini

A program built on the specific needs and objectives to increase the digital culture and understanding of how digital is a competitive driver for business development. Learn the specific vertical skills required for innovation and to enhance the technological assets of Angelini. We aimed to generate a methodology and capacity for the realization and development of ideas using the different topics covered: Lean&Agile, Data, Smart Objects, IoT, Rapid Prototyping, and Digital Culture.

Creating a data-driven strategy

Unilever, the multinational company owner of 400 of the most popular brands in the field of food, beverages, hygiene and home products, selected 20 employees who participated at the masterclass “From data to decision”.
During the training, the participants had the opportunity to use tools and techniques to view the data and communicate results, objectives and numbers in order to make informed choices based on the information acquired.

Managing the life cycle of a digital product

Vodafone, the multinational Telecommunications company, gave 23 employees the opportunity to participate at the masterclass Digital Product Management.
During the training, the participants were able to discover how to manage the life cycle of the digital product and, from the concept to the MVP, and the differences between project managers and product managers.

Learn to work in Agile

Electrolux, manufacturer of household and personal appliances has decided to improve the management of complex projects through Lean & Agile methodologies.
Thanks to two dedicated days of training, 20 resources have learnt the principles and framework of the lean and agile approach to the digital project management to increase and improve the capacity of an organisation to adapt to the changes in the context of reference.
Thanks to the alternation between face-to-face lectures with professionals and workshops, the participants were able to put the new approach into practice.

Business model generation & valuation

Fater, Italian company and joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group, chose to follow the Idea Lab Program with our Corporate Innovation team to find a positioning for the Smart Toy they developed.
After three days of user testing phase, with the aim of conceiving some scenarios that could illustrate how Smart Toy could respond to the market trends and two days of business model generation and valuation, the team has been able to better understand their product and the market and find the best positioning for the solution they developed.

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Be a part of our vibrant community

Talent Garden’s mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses that empower digital & tech communities.

Smart Working

For companies that want to give their employees the opportunity to do smart
working in an innovative space that stimulates new ideas and connections with talented professionals.

Branded Meeting Room

An interactive space capable of adding value to business meetings with your partners and to convey the key message of your brand to the community. The meeting room can be reserved by the community online.

Corporate Space

Choose between a dedicated private office from 4 up to 20 people or branded desks in an open space to experience our way of working in close contact with the community.

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This partnership with Talent Garden demonstrates Google's commitment to creating a virtuous digital ecosystem in our country. This new project, in fact, fits consistently between the long-term investments that Google has implemented over the years in Italy, with the aim of offering everyone, citizens and businesses, solid tools and specific training to seize the opportunities of digital.

Fabio Vaccarono, Managing Director Google Italy

Innovation and digital culture are two important accelerators of the economy. Our support to the Master in Digital Transformation for the Made in Italy of Talent Garden for the second, consecutive year testifies the Group's willingness to support young people through innovative paths, offering them the tools to compete with the best European talents.

Fabrizio Paschina, Group Head of Communication and Image at Intesa Sanpaolo

The development of human capital also passes through open training to capture every element of novelty and contamination, and precisely in this case we wanted to initiate a cultural change through an innovative path, both in the issues and in the modalities, in the awareness of how much the digital is a competitive driver for business growth.

Marco Morbidelli, HR Director and Corporate Organization, Angelini

With Talent Garden we are working to transform our internal skills with the ultimate goal of accelerating the growth of our country and to create new business models.

Agostino Santoni - CEO, Cisco

Eni made innovation the key to its communication, especially in the digital environment. It seemed to us that Talent Garden was the right place to let ourselves be contaminated by the richness of what is in here, for a dialogue with the world of startups, new initiatives and creativity that is found within the various Italian campuses. It seemed important to have a space, linked above all to the topic of data analysis, and more generally to all the communications activities that Eni does in the digital and tech world.

Marco Bardazzi, Director of External Communication Eni

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Our clients

Meet our team

Laureato in Discipline Economiche e Sociali all’Università Bocconi, Alessandro inizia la sua carriera nel campo della consulenza, per poi fondare Sportboom, startup dedicata al mercato delle attività sportive, definita nel 2013 da TechCrunch come una delle 10 migliori startup italiane. Nel 2015 Alessandro diventa responsabile dell’Innovation & Technology HUB di Ambrosetti, occupandosi di progetti di Innovation Management e Open Innovation. Dal 2019 è Corporate Innovation Director in Talent Garden.


Alessandro Braga
Corporate Innovation Director, Talent Garden

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