Agile Analytics Framework – Discover how Agile Methods can work for Analytics Projects

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What is it?

In advance of our upcoming Data Science Bootcamp, we are pleased to announce an open evening to explore the impact of a strong project management methodology specific to analytic projects. Talent Garden Faculty member, Aoife D’Arcy – Chief Consultant and MD of The Analytics Store talks Agile Analytics Framework – Discover how Agile Methods can work for Analytics Projects.

Running and managing any technical project is challenging and analytics projects are no different. It’s not always easy to apply traditional project management methodologies to analytics projects. Furthermore, there is increasing pressure on teams to adopt ‘Agile’ methods. So, can you apply Agile project management methods to your Analytics project? In this session, we will explore this idea and introduce you to Aoife’s own “Agile Analytics” Framework that blends analytics best practice with proven methodologies.


Who is it for?

This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the Data Science Bootcamp and how this course can accelerate their career. You might be an IT professional, a Finance Specialist, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Researcher, Academics, Software Engineer or simply interested in learning more about data science as a discipline.


18.00 Drinks and pizza

18.30 Intro – Ruth Kearney, Innovation School Director

18.45 Agile Analytics Framework – Aoife D’Arcy

20.30 End


Key Takeaways:

  • Why analytic projects fail and how strong project management can help
  • An understanding of CRISP-DM and Agile
  • An understanding of how you can combine the best aspects of CRISP-DM and Agile to manage projects that deliver.


Faculty Bio

Aoife is the Managing Director of data consultancy The Analytics Store. Her expertise ranges from telling stories with data visualisations, to machine learning, to developing analytics strategy, and just about everything else in between.

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