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GoSmarter with Steph Locke

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

Free GoSmarter automation toolbox for SMEs

Talent Garden Dublin is joining forces with Nightingale HQ to bring this very special event to our members and wider community.

Smart automation is not just for large scale companies, there are lots of AI-powered tools that small and medium-sized enterprises can take advantage of. Steph Locke talks about her new initiative GoSmarter and the process of developing this automation toolbox for SMEs. She shares insights into what key skills and processes businesses want to automate and how technology has impacted their business in a post-COVID world.

There will be a short Q&A after the presentation.


The GoSmarter toolbox automates manual tasks and processes in your business – giving you more time for the important stuff like connecting with customers and growing your company. Choose from six AI-powered tools to help reduce your workload, empower your team, and improve your customer’s experience.

SMEs can sign up for free here Funded by Innovate UK.

Steph Locke, CEO Nightingale HQ, Microsoft MVP

Steph Locke is the CEO and co-founder of Nightingale HQ, a platform helping businesses get AI ready. She also works as a consultant, via her own company, Locke Data. Finally, Steph is also the founder of several conferences, including the worldwide R event; satRdays, and the new DataOps event, DataOpticon.

Steph’s talks, blog posts, conferences, and business all have one thing in common – they help people get started with data science and AI. Steph holds a dual Microsoft MVP award (one for AI, and another for Data Platform) for her community contributions.

About Talent Garden

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