Manuel-Johann Prussenowsky
Vienna, Austria (open to travel)
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Verfügbar ab Mai 2022

Manuel-Johann Prussenowsky

Verfügbar ab Mai 2022

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Manuel-Johann Prussenowsky

Vienna, Austria (open to travel)
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Perfekter Fit

UX/UI Designer

Ideale Zieldestinationen

Startup, SME, Agency, Corporate (flexible, no preference)

Besuchte Master

UX Design Bootcamp

Hallo, ich bin Manuel-Johann

Hi there,
my name is Manuel. Up until now, I was working in the IT sector but I felt my problem-solving nature could be better suited in a different field. I stumbled across UX and the Talent Garden Bootcamp, immediately falling in love with the idea of becoming a UX-Designer. In the future, I’d like to work in the game development sector.

Manuel-Johann in pills
Beschreibe Dich in 3 Worten

Flexible, patient, problem solver

Was ist Deine größte Stärke?

I am a quick study, If a topic really interests me I dig deep. I also love solving problems and because of my usual patience I find a solution.

Was machst Du gerne in Deiner Freizeit?

I'm a gamer, in my free time I love to play but I also use this time to enhance my digital skills. I operate my own Linux Server where I constantly learn more about server administrating. I love working with Figma, and I plan on enhancing this skill.

Werkzeuge, mit denen ich vertraut bin
User Research
User Interface Design
Usability Testing
Design Thinking




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