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Our training programs empower our partners to achieve their goals, acquire new skills, and attract the best and most talented professionals to bring about strategic and cultural change.

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Our training corporate training programs

Education is our main tool to generate human-centred change while consistently using a strategic, innovative and sustainable approach.

Whether you want to attract top professionals, build your internal skillset or collaborate with entrepreneurial communities that can bring innovative solutions, Talent Garden is the perfect partner. Our approach to training consists of three areas: Attract, Build and Collaborate.


Attract the best professionals and enhance employer branding

Every year we impact professionals and students by closing the digital skills gap. Training over 25,000 people in digital design, marketing, data and hard skills, human resources, business innovation, product management, and cyber security. If you need to attract talents, this is the best place to find them. Leverage our initiatives also for improving your employer branding.


Build the internal assets (vision, skills and mindset) to stay competitive

Investing in learning and development for your people is key to staying ahead of the digital transformation revolution. Upskilling, reskilling, academies designed on specific objectives and a wide range of innovative services can support your company in achieving this strategic plan.


Collaborate with our communities to support your organisation’s growth

We host Europe’s largest digital and tech community with over 4,500 professionals within a network of campuses in 7 countries. A network capable of broadening your horizons and bringing innovative solutions to your challenges.

Our unique approach to education

Thanks to our network of companies, startups, experts and young professionals, we are the ideal ecosystem to enable our partners to develop training paths that bring innovation and change.

Learn from the best

We collaborate with our international community of over 4,500 digital and tech professionals who are revolutionising their various industries. Connecting these experts with companies based on their needs and design distinctive corporate programs while generating shared value inside the community.

Learning spaces

We enable powerful connections in the digital ecosystem through our network of 16 campuses across Europe and our “virtual” learning spaces. Talent Garden is a place that encourages experimentation by creating safe environments to put into practice what participants learn during their learning journey.

Methodology and topics

We teach digital skills at the forefront of innovation to implement a growth mindset by leveraging the most impactful training methodologies and cutting-edge technologies. Focusing on learning by doing, we offer hands-on workshop, community-based learning, hackathons and more based on the most relevant topics.

Access to public funds

We can support you in taking advantage of the different opportunities offered by public funds related to digital transformation, innovation and training programs for Italian companies. In particular the ones offered by “Fondi Interprofessionali” (Fondimpresa, Fondir, FBA, Fondo Professioni), by ANPAL (“Fondo Nuove Competenze”) or the tax credit powered by the Economy Affairs Ministry (“Credito d’Imposta 4.0”). Find out more.


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Client Partner Large Corporates

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Egal, ob du Top-Talente gewinnen, maßgeschneiderte Lern- und Entwicklungsprogramme entwickeln oder mit Fachleuten zusammenarbeiten möchtest, um innovative Lösungen für deine Herausforderungen zu finden – wir haben, was du brauchst. Wir von Talent Garden glauben, dass unkonventionelle Reisen zu unerwarteten und aufregenden Zielen führen.

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