Becoming a Junior Full Stack Developer | CodeMaster Late Night

Discover what defines the Junior Full Stack Developer role and how to kickstart your career with a Senior Javascript Engineer.

What is exactly the role of a Junior Fullstack Developer?

We have answers for you! Learn about the meaning of full stack, understand the market and explore real case studies!

Join us on April 7th at 6:00 PM (CET) for an exclusive gathering for aspiring Full stack Developers with expert Senior Javascript Engineer Stefano Veltri.

Together with Stefano, you will have the unique opportunity to learn and exchange live! You will find out more about the world of software development and understand how to take the next step in launching your career.


– Understand the meaning of full stack;

– Have a glimpse of some real examples;

– Understand the market and opportunities for this role;

– Find out how to kickstart your career!


6:00 – 6:10: Introduction to Talent Garden Innovation School

6:10 – 6:30: Meet Senior Javascript Engineer Stefano Veltri

6:30 – 6:45: Q&A Sesson

Meet Stefano

Stefano is a Senior Javascript Engineer currently working at Blacklane. After spending the last 7 years levelling up in the music, e-commerce and e-sports industries, he now quests and gains experience points on a daily basis in the field of global luxury transportation. Typescript being his tongue, React his sword and Graphql his shield. With a keen eye for design principles and special attention for web Accessibility, he strives for excellent coding that generates a flawless User Experience.

CodeMaster Bootcamp

Join the next edition of the CodeMaster Bootcamp, a full-time program starting on the 3rd of May that will launch your career as a Javascript Full-Stack Developer. In only 12 weeks, you will learn Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, how to work in a technology and software development environment, and much more. Learn More.

Talent Garden Innovation School

Talent Garden Innovation School is an educational institute offering Masterclasses and Bootcamps in the fields of digital technologies and innovation, with a focus on data, design, and AI. Our online courses are flexible and interactive with the perfect combination of live and on-demand recorded teaching sessions.

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