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4th Edition | starting April 17th, 2023

UX/UI Design Online Crash Course

No matter your professional background, UX/UI Design skills will support you in reaching new levels of success. Adding it to your skill-set is guaranteed to bring new opportunities anywhere from graphic design to sales, marketing to web development and beyond.

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch, Italienisch, Europäisches Spanisch und Französisch verfügbar.

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UX/UI Design Online Crash Course
UX/UI Design Online Crash Course UX/UI Design Online Crash Course icon

3 main reasons you should join us


20h Live Sessions + 16h of self-study material

20h Live Sessions + 16h of self-study material

Experienced experts will guide you through the hands-on live sessions with your classmates to guarantee an engaging environment. The self-paced self-study materials will offer you more flexibility.


Fellow Students

Fellow Students

For each intake, we accept a maximum of only 30 participants. With a limited group size we make sure that our experts can answer all your questions and give you feedback on what you worked on.


Networking events per year

Networking events per year

As a student or alumni, you are part of the Talent Garden Community and you will receive exclusive invitations to events online or offline. These events are the perfect opportunity for you to network with like-minded people.

We think about your professional future

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

As this is a beginner’s course, pre-knowledge in or previous experience with UX/UI is not required. We are looking for people with empathy, a passion for design and some aesthetic sensibility.

Please note that the program is in English, so a proficient knowledge of the language is a requirement.

What will you learn?

The UX/UI Design Online Crash Course will help you to:

  • Understand the definition of user experience and the competitive value of working with UX
  • Understand and apply the design process
  • Know the difference between UX, UI and usability
  • Be able to boost your team by facilitating idea generation and offering constructive criticism
  • Understand how to organise, execute and analyse qualitative and quantitative user research
  • Be able to create personas and their customer journeys to define a product vision
  • Understand the importance of requirements engineering within the usability life cycle
  • Understand how to generate then refine ideas to create a product/service definition
  • Understand design basics, as well as UI and interaction principles
  • Know how to design and build a testable prototype with different techniques and tools like Figma
  • Know how to test a prototype in an agile way
  • Understand how UX designers work in different organisations
  • Understand the UX industry, trends, culture and roles
  • Apply the whole UX process to a project which you can add to your portfolio

Our alumni currently work for:

Publicis Sapient
Leroy Merlin
Reply Bitmama
Design Group Italia
Coca Cola

What our alumni say about us

Who could tell you better what it means to attend a course at Talent Garden than those who have already experienced it? Contact our alumni to find out about their success stories, get some insights into the course, or benefit from our Referral Program!

„From the course, I gained a good understanding of UX/UI and how to use it in a practical way. The information and advice from the experts have made me much more confident in my abilities. It’s a good base on which you can start building your UX/UI experience. The courses also introduces you to other UX Designers who are on the verge of starting their career, which makes the learning process more fun and meaningful.“

Toms Katkevičs

Graphic Designer @ And Then Jupiter GmbH

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„Das UX Design Programm war eine tolle Erfahrung und ich habe dank dieses Kurses so viel gelernt und mein Wissen verbessert! Ich bin wirklich froh, dass ich mich für diesen Kurs entschieden habe, vor allem wegen des Netzwerkes, das ich mit tollen Menschen geknüpft habe. Ich bin sehr stolz darauf, Teil dieser besonderen Community zu sein!“

Monia Orioli

UX/UI Designer @ Pianetaitalia

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„Der UX Design Kurs ist eine perfekte Balance zwischen Theorie und Praxis. Dank der Expertise der Expert/innen, die echte Profis sind, wirst du die Bedeutung von UX verstehen und dein Wissen in einem Gruppenprojekt anwenden. Möchtest du einige Fähigkeiten für einen der gefragtesten Jobs erlernen? Dann ist der Kurs die richtige Wahl für dich!“

Giulia Ferrari

Business Analyst @ Accenture Italia

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„The UX/UI program was an amazing introduction to the field. In just 4 weeks, I was able to learn the basics, start prototyping and come out with a project that I am truly proud of. I recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about UX/UI.“

Daniela Treviño

Sales Engineer @ Myrtha Pools

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We’re your perfect match

Content of the course

If you want to create meaningful user experiences this UX/UI Design Crash Course is the right choice. We will be covering the whole UX Process starting from the basics, User Research and Idea Generation, to UI & Interaction Design, Prototyping and Usability Testing and a UX Management introduction at the end.

1 | Introduction to User Experience and the Human-Centered Design Process

After this module, you will understand the definition of user experience and the competitive value of working on UX, as well as the difference between UX, UI and usability. You will also be familiar with the different UX Design processes. Furthermore, you will learn about the project you will be working on during the course and conduct some first desk research.

After this module, you will know various qualitative and quantitative user research methods and when to use them. You will understand the research process and how to create a research brief. You will learn user interviewing tricks and know how to write an interview script to conduct user interviews. You will also learn how to create How-Might-We Questions to turn the insights from the research into opportunities.

In this module, you will learn how to choose and use idea generation tools to move from problems/insights to solutions. You will know the different kind of flows and why they are essential for designing a product or service. You will understand what the elements of a customer experience map are and you will be able to create one.

This module teaches design basics, as well as UI and interaction principles. After being introduced to Figma, you will be able to perform basic functionalities like setting up wireframes and a typography system. You will understand why we use wireframes in the design process and what the difference between wireframe, mockup and user flow is. You will also be able to create different levels of user flows.

After this module, you will have an overview of different prototyping tools and will know how to choose one. You will learn how to set up and use a library, as well as how to create a wireframe in Figma. You will know how to use constraints and auto layout in a prototype.

In this module, you will understand the reasons for prototyping and know different techniques and fidelities of prototypes. You will learn how to connect and animate screens in Figma and how to create a working prototype ready for testing.

After this module, you will understand the definition of usability and how to evaluate it. You will be familiar with various validation techniques and know when and how to use them. You will also learn how to prepare, conduct and analyse a usability test for a prototype.

After this module, you will understand what UX Management means. You will know how to assess the UX Maturity of a company and which actions to take to increase the maturity depending on the stage. You will be familiar with the differences between UX Design roles and be able to analyse which role you see yourself in. You will understand how design teams are organised and learn the basics of Ritual Design. You will know how to execute a retrospective exercise for reflection.


Faculty Member
Erika Lauro
Freelance Senior Strategic and Product Designer, ehem. Senior Product Designer at Zalando SE | Zalando

Erika ist Senior Strategic & Product Designer mit einer großen Leidenschaft für Designstrategie und Markeninnovation. In den letzten 8 Jahren hat sie in Innovationsprojekten mit einem vielfältigen Konzept, das auf Design Thinking, Lean UX und Agile basiert, wichtige Erfahrungen gesammelt. Ihr Ziel ist es immer, Unternehmen dabei zu helfen, langfristige Beziehungen zu ihren Kund/innen aufzubauen, […]

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Faculty Member
Alberto Andreetto
Lead Interaction Designer | Sketchin

Alberto ist Designer mit Expertise in Interaktions- und Service-Design. Er hat für Start-ups und Unternehmen in Italien, der Schweiz und Deutschland gearbeitet, bevor er 2017 zu Sketchin in der Schweiz wechselte. Seitdem hat er reibungslose und ansprechende Nutzererlebnisse für Unternehmen wie Sky, Eni, Lenovo und Allianz in Italien, der Schweiz, Angola, Russland, Deutschland und den […]

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Faculty Member
Christiane Moser
Customer & User Experience Professional | CUXpro

Christiane Moser ist eine UX Research & Design Freelancerin mit mehr als 14 Jahren Erfahrung im Bereich UX und einem technischen Hintergrund. Die letzten 4 Jahre hat sie als UX Freelancerin für KMUs in Europa gearbeitet. Seitdem liebt sie es, ihr Wissen und ihre Erfahrungen weiterzugeben, deshalb ist sie Mentorin für UX Researcher und Designer […]

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talent garden
talent garden

The Talent Garden Experience

A unique method

We believe that the only real way to learn things is to actually do them and surround yourself with like-minded and motivated people.

Project-Based Learning
During this course, you will apply your newly acquired skills to a project. With this method, we close the gap between theory and application. You will get feedback from the experts and be able to add it to your portfolio.

Flexible Self-Study and Interactive Live Sessions
With the combination of practical self-study material and hands-on live sessions, we offer you flexibility and interactivity at the same time. The self-study lessons can be done according to your availability and preferences, while the live sessions with the experts and classmates guarantee an engaging environment.

Collaboration & Peer-to-Peer
Growth Your time with us is an opportunity to learn from others, as well as to connect with future business partners and friends. Throughout the live sessions, you will work with your classmates on exercises where you will be continuously encouraged to provide constructive criticism and feedback.

Join our international community

Talent Garden is not only a place to learn, we also offer an innovative, unique environment to grow as a professional and make meaningful connections.

Networking Opportunities
Our campuses all over Europe are full of open and like-minded people – during and also after the course you are invited to join our online and on-site events and meet the members of our community to grow your professional network.

Free Access to Campus
You will be granted free access to our Talent Garden campuses for the whole period of the course. Drop by to study, follow the live sessions, work together with your colleagues on the project or join events whenever you want. This way, we enrich your online learning experience with some optional physical touchpoints.

Alumni Community
We want to stay in touch also after the course! We have a dedicated Slack channel to connect all our alumni and share interesting job offers, events and updates from our community.

Your learning experience

We care about you and your needs and offer you a high-quality learning experience with the most skilled experts.

Individual 1:1 Mentoring Session
Each student can schedule a one-on-one mentoring session with an expert of their choice to ask in-depth questions about specific topics or to get more detailed feedback on the project. With this initiative, we want to meet every student’s individual needs. You can purchase additional mentoring sessions upon demand.

Limited Group Size & Dedicated Learning Manager
We care about each individual, so we have a maximum number of 30 participants in the course to ensure a high-quality education that meets everyone’s needs. Each class has a dedicated Learning Manager who will take care of the participants and their learning journey.

Experienced Experts
Our faculty members are professionals with many years of UX work experience at high-level companies. They will share lots of real-world examples and case studies to give you a realistic understanding of the field. They love teaching, care about each participant and will leave no question unanswered.

Financial options & Terms of Payment

We highly suggest you to ask your employer for a full or partial sponsorship to participate in this program. 30% of our students cover the costs of the course through corporate funding. If you want to be one of them, check out our blog for tips on how to convince your company to invest in your education!

Discounts may apply. Go through the check-out process by clicking on „Book now“ to know more!

1.580€ incl. VAT

You don’t have to pay all at once. The course tuition can be divided into instalments as you need. Please note that the payment should be completed before the start of the course. If you need support, please feel free to get in touch with your Orientation & Admission Specialist.


Questions or doubts? Don't worry, we have the info you were looking for. Here are the most common questions:

How many live sessions per week are there for the UX/UI Design Online Crash Course?

Here is the brochure with all the relevant information regarding the schedule and more.

You filled in all the fields, but the checkout button is not enabled? We suggest you try another browser. If the problem persists, please contact [email protected] 

This is a work-friendly course. The live sessions are scheduled for 6 pm, and the self-study materials are flexible as you can go through them at your own pace.

Nein, Talent Garden stellt dir eine Lizenz für die Dauer des Kurses zur Verfügung.

Yes, this is a project-based course with a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises. You are going to work on a project that can also be part of your portfolio. Basically, you will put into practice everything that you learn in theory.

Der Learning Manager wird dich zwei Wochen vor Kursbeginn kontaktieren. Wir empfehlen dir, auch deinen Spam-Folder auf verloren gegangene E-Mails zu überprüfen.

Für diesen Kurs gibt es 2 bis 3 Durchgänge pro Jahr. Wenn du die nächsten Termine wissen möchtest, wende dich bitte an [email protected]

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