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Strategize like a Futurist Course

We can’t predict, but we can prepare! Join this course to learn how to bring futures thinking and foresight into strategy.

Empower yourself with tools, techniques, and mindset to better navigate strategically in a world where many factors come together in complex ways to create surprising futures.

Strategize like a Futurist Course
Strategize like a Futurist Course Strategize like a Futurist Course icon

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About the Business Sustainability course

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

By the time you finish this course, you have acquired knowledge, skills, and a mindset that you are able to use immediately in your work and add to your resume:

  • Understand futures thinking and foresight fundamentals – including key concepts, tools, and techniques from the futures thinking and foresight toolbox
  • Understand the business value of strategic foresight and why organizations that cultivate a culture of strategic foresight fare better in the face of ongoing uncertainty
  • Gain the ability to spot and make sense of change and critical uncertainties influencing your future strategic environment
  • Learn a structured process and tools for understanding dynamics of change, planning for alternative scenarios, and futures-orienting organizational strategy
  • Develop the ability to frame and develop viable alternative futures scenarios that have relevance for decision-making
  • Become more conscious of how our understanding of the future guides our strategic decision-making in the present
  • Enhance your awareness of how cognitive biases and path-dependent thinking impair our ability to see beyond existing systems and thinking patterns, and be empowered to think about the future from new perspectives
  • Cultivate a “futures mindset” for your own futures thinking, which will lower the mental barriers for integrating futures thinking and foresight into your own workflow, team, or organizational culture

The Hyper Island approach is more than a traditional online course. Social learning is at the heart of what we do, and we combine hands-on learning with an engaging online environment to create a powerful experience that truly pays off.

Learning kit

Every week you will receive a learning kit consisting of original content and insights to maximize your knowledge. The course content is available for you to go through at any time you choose during the week. An additional pre-course learning kit will be sent out prior to the first week to help get you started.

Live sessions, interactive workshops and hands-on tasks

Each Wednesday from 14:00-16:00 CET we will have an interactive live-session to support learning, reflection, application, and networking. Live-sessions are dynamic and social, and we make sure to allow everyone a chance to participate and contribute fairly. We use the time together to deep dive, get hands on, and practice new tools and mindsets.

The live-sessions are hosted by a course facilitator from Hyper Island together with a Senior Advisor & Futurist from the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

Peer learning in Learning Pods

We are always blown away by the diversity, experience and expertise from participants in our courses and we work to amplify that for you. We find that much of the learning comes through interactions and discussions with your peers.

Hence, you will also work in smaller “Learning Pods” of 4 – 6 people, where you meet every week for a 60-minute session (your weekly Pod call). Pod calls are scheduled to take place either Fridays from 14:00-15:00 CET or Mondays from 14:00-15:00 CET. This time is dedicated to deepening the work done in the live-session. As part of your journey, you will also have access to a digital community platform

Weekly individual reflection and application
Each week we invite you to invest some time to reflect on your learning outcomes through your reflection journal (MANDATORY). We also invite you to immerse yourself in your own futures project on the side (OPTIONAL). The intention is to give you the opportunity to deepen your learning in applied strategic foresight while developing relevant futures insights that align with your own specific work context. To support you, we offer useful templates and guidelines.

Time commitment

This course is designed to be flexible to your schedule, but we want to stress the importance of organising your calendar in advance to make space for each element of the course. The time commitment is up to the individual; however, you are expected to spend a minimum of 4 hours per week in total: Learning Kit (30 min), live-session (2 hrs), Pod Call (60 min), Individual reflection (30 min).

This course is a valuable choice for decision-makers, innovation managers, strategic planners, business developers, designers, and everyone who wants to get a head-start on working strategically with the future.


Faculty Member
Simon Fuglsang Østergaard
| Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Simon has been part of Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies since 2016 and has led and participated in many advisory projects exploring long-term strategic implications through scenario planning, trend analysis, and strategic foresight broadly. He has worked with high-level national and international clients and stakeholders across business and society, helping organisations challenge outdated beliefs and […]

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Faculty Member
Thomas Reibke
Organisational consultant and change facilitator |

Thomas is an experienced and awarded organisational consultant and change facilitator, who works from a holistic perspective, and bases his work on establishing frameworks that support groups and individuals to learn and grow collectively. He has worked with teams and leaders, to increase their innovative capacities, and lead organisational transformation processes. Companies and organisations with […]

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Content of the course

This learning experience is built for engagement and actionable, hands-on learning. The course is applied in nature, and we will work on a generic case which allow us to have a firm focus on applying the tangible strategic foresight tools, making it more intuitive for you to deploy your learnings to your own professional workflows or projects. If you have additional time to invest into the learning experience, you’ll have the opportunity to individually explore your own futures project alongside the course work (OPTIONAL). Reflecting on what you learn and relating it to a future topic/area of your own interest can help you develop relevant futures insights that align directly with your current work context.

1 - Using the future

Become familiar with how to “use the future” through strategic foresight and why the capability to develop insights about future alternatives to guide strategic thinking has never been more important. Become aware of how future fallacies and cognitive biases distort our futures thinking and often lead to a path-dependent approach to the future, based on obsolete and misguided assumptions.

Learn the process of exploring dynamics of change as the “bedrock”-practice of strategic foresight, e.g. by applying the Futures Triangle as an explorative tool.

The future is inherently uncertain and decision-making under uncertainty is difficult. Learn how to identify and make sense of the uncertainties that matter the most, by understanding the degree of uncertainty surrounding impactful strategic issues.

Learn how to frame and develop viable alternative futures scenarios and discover alternative futures perspectives that have relevance for present-day decision-making.

Learn how to understand the strategic implications of alternative futures and how to transition the newly gained insights into futures-informed strategic decision-making – in comparison to traditional strategy approaches.

Small steps can eventually make a big impact! Be inspired to find ways to operationalize your newfound strategic foresight skills and insights into your existing work, team, or organizational culture.

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