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Talent Garden Innovation School is an innovative educational institute offering Masters and courses in the fields of digital technologies and innovation, with a focus on coding, data, design, marketing and business. By putting people at the center through a cutting-edge training methodology, our Innovation School brings new cultures and skills into businesses and offers upgrades and updates to those operating in the work environment.

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Talent Garden Innovation School delivers training programmes and courses for both individuals and companies.

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Our faculty of industry experts have strong expertise and track records from their professional career. All our instructors are eager to share their knowledge and skills with tailor-made courses combining expert knowledge and new best practice methods with hands-on skills, interactive workshops and new business cases


More than 50% companies suffer from a digital talent gap within their teams, and 29% employees believe their skills are redundant or will be within the next two years. We are here to upgrade your knowledge, career opportunities and toolbox for your future work challenges, and help you and your company grow successfully


Our Innovation School is located at Talent Garden Rainmaking, the award-winning workspace in the heart of Copenhagen. The entrepreneurs in residence are an integrated part of our community, they make sure our classes are up to speed with the latest technologies and offer great networking opportunities

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