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Talent Garden Innovation School is an innovative educational institute offering Masters and courses in the fields of digital technologies and innovation, with a focus on coding, data, design, marketing and business. By putting people at the center through a cutting-edge training methodology, our Innovation School brings new cultures and skills into businesses and offers upgrades and updates to those operating in the work environment.

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Talent Garden Innovation School delivers training programmes and courses for both individuals and companies.

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Talent acquisition for companies

With our Innovation School leading-edge hiring services, you can cultivate the talent your company needs to thrive.

  1. Connect with expert-trained, job-ready candidates from our rigorous coding, data, business, marketing and design courses
  2. Create custom hiring programs and different roles simultaneously, at a lower cost
  3. Expand diversity initiatives and cultivate a culture of inclusion and innovation

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Roberto Falcone
Gaia Zuccaro
Hoang Huynh
Luca Mascaro

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