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Articulating Your Business Value

Join Shiera O’Brien, our TAG Member Sales Coach for a short coaching workshop on adapting to a changing business landscape.

About this Event

Talent Garden Dublin is collaborating with Shiera O’Brien to bring this online mini-webinar to our members and wider community.

  • Redesign the Business Game you need to play to stay connected to your customers.
  • Get into the right Frame Game and help your customers do it too.
  • What does value truly mean when the environment is changing

Learn how to coach yourself to a new value proposition and articulate that to your customers. You will take away a few tools from this toolbox to stay focussed on your Business Value Proposition.

Speaker Profile

Shiera O’Brien is an internationally trained executive coach and sales trainer, with a background in linguistics and NLP. Much of her coaching work is built around helping companies articulate why people should do business with them, using the language of engagement and creating a clear value proposition. Her skill lies in asking clients questions they don’t ask themselves. Her passion lies in sharing the power of language and meaning to change culture and client engagement.

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