The Best Technology Works For Everyone: Interview with Frederik Østergaard Neble the CEO & Co-Founder of Obital

Founded in 2017, Obital was a spin out of the Technical University of Denmark. They have invented an enabling technology with a clear mission to remove people’s constraints and increase their freedom resulting in a better quality of life. We sat down to talk with Frederik Østergaard Neble the CEO and co-founder to learn more about this life-changing application.


“Through my company, we are creating an application that is helping people with motor disabilities to be able to control their physical surroundings using eye-tracking.” Frederik Østergaard Neble, CEO and co-founder of Obital


Frederik and his team develop products based on the emerging commercialised eye-tracking technology available in modern smartphones, tablets and computers. This technology opens up for new methods of interaction, new types of data and most importantly, gives access to completely new markets. The fast-paced growth of the smart home market that is forecasted to reach USD 151.4 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 12.02%. Means smart devices are becoming more widespread and accessible to everyone and Obital takes advantage of the fast development within this sector and the consumer electronics such as audio systems, lamps, TV’s, doors windows and more that can now be connected to the internet and controlled by a smartphone by adding an eye-tracking technology everyone can control these devices.


“The Enable application can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. Our app will automatically discover connected smart home devices, which means that installation can be kept to a minimum. Looking at the phone will make our technology detect the user’s eyes, who in turn can control the connected devices by the movement of an eye.”


Obital - Eye Tracking Tech


Supported by more than 80 million smart devices on Apple HomeKit and Google Home it’s as simple and easy as downloading the App from the App Store or Google Play, and pairing it with Bluetooth that automatically detects connected accessories.


The smart home devices are installed by family members or friends and the installation process is guided through embedded “how-to” videos in the Enable application. The Enable technology then gives people with motor disabilities the possibility to control their surroundings with simple and intuitive movements with the eyes meaning they can open doors, turn on lights and much more.


Driven by the will to help and the eagerness to innovate, Obital believes that the most powerful technology is the technology which can be used by everyone. By using eye-tracking technologies to solve real-world problems they are making a lasting difference in the world.


Watch the interview with Obital CEO and co-founder, Frederik Østergaard Neble, in our Talent Garden People Series:

6 May 2019

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