Predicting the future of client relationships through data and AI: Interview with Dan Hestbaek, co-founder & CEO of Lift

When clients, and employees that service those clients, are engaged, the relationships are more secure and ultimately leads to better profitability.

Lift is an innovative tech company and member of our Talent Garden Rainmaking campus in Copenhagen. The Lift platform provides predictions on which clients you are about to lose and which clients you can sell more to. The core of the algorithm consists of a connected view of both client and employee feedback in real-time. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Lift predicts the future of client relationships.

We sat down with Dan Hestbaek, co-founder & CEO of Lift, to talk about how this idea was born and the development process. “We want our clients to be more competitive and profitable by enabling them to retain and grow their client relationships. We believe If you truly share a piece of yourself, others will gain a new perspective. And then they will share a piece of themselves and you will gain a new perspective.”

Lift was launched in 2015. The first 12 month was a data collection and testing phase. The testing phase enabled the software algorithm and the methodology to be fine-tuned to calculate even stronger predictive “Lift scores” for any client relationship. The predictive Lift score uses a unique approach of linking an individual’s current experience as well as their future intention towards a company.

The platform gives both aggregated and individual data taken from a survey where clients rate and comment on specific subjects. Each question uses a scale of 1-10 or N/A with a user-friendly interface that displays traffic light colours that intuitively provide insights on where and how to act. The proven questions are related to evaluating the future intention towards the company meaning companies can retain and grow their client relationships based on statistical data.

“One of the key challenges for me is to be able to evolve the culture within our business in alignment with how our business is growing….The biggest challenge for me personally is to manage the present, in a highly competitive environment, whilst creating the future.” Dan Hestbaek, co-founder & CEO, Lift.


Watch the Interview with Lift co-founder & CEO – Dan Hestbaek in our Talent Garden People Series: 

23 April 2019

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