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“Technology is best when it brings people together.” Noa Segre and Luca Molinari, Corporate Innovation Team Talent Garden.

Designing a corporate innovation program together with a partner means just as much discovery as it does execution. And when TIM, the most prominent Italian telecommunications company, asked Talent Garden to help create a tech community that will work together around the potential of the 5G revolution in four different markets, sharing knowledge around technical possibilities and the potential disruption, we were excited to create this new community with them.

It all started with research, 5G is a revolution, not just the next evolution of 4G technology. It’s a significant leap forward for existing communication networks. 5G technology creates an environment that promotes and enables a connected world where users, infrastructure, machines and devices can communicate and develop new technologies that will be able to exist only thanks to this advancement in technology. This network will be able to support a vast majority of services connect new industries and will expand mobile networks in a cost-effective, fast and efficient way, changing how we see and use the internet and connected services.

And in this context, it’s essential to rethink the way we design information technology. So to support our partner to understand where the next disruption is going to come from, bring the most innovative projects to life and to address their business needs, we created the “TIM 5G Creating Value Inside Out” project. Aimed to boost awareness about the revolutionary impact of the TIM 5G network across Italy. Each event was launched with a Think Tank session of experts discussing the impact and challenges 5G will have on each market. The program was structured as a roadshow of meetups from June to December in four different Italian cities – Turin, Milan, Naples, and Rome. During each of these meetups, we called the “Change Makers Days”, we explored four main strategical fields for the Italian ecosystem and growth: Industry 4 .0, Mobility and Connected Vehicles, Infrastructure and Logistics, Entertainment and Tourism. We also had support from various industry partners, who shared their own expertise: Comau, Cobo Group, Exprivia / Italtel.

The participants, the change-makers, were all members of the Talent Garden tech community as well as, full-time students from our Talent Garden Innovation School, developed ideas for innovative products and services that depend on the 5G technology, using methodologies inspired by Design Thinking. These ideas were presented to a panel of experts that judged the innovation and creativeness of each project. Finally, the winning team of this whole project will have the chance to spend two days in Madrid and participate in SingularityU Spain Summit.

The final stage of this project is a trip to Silicon Valley. During this trip, we will present TIM and it’s partners to the Silicon Valley ecosystem creating new business and technology opportunities that will allow them to stay ahead of the game anticipating, intercepting and preparing for the next global moves in order to continue and lead this revolution.

8 December 2019

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