Turning passion into work: Davide’s story

The first post-Covid trip. How do you imagine it? How will it be to return to travel without limitations, masks, controls and infinite lines? Although we still don’t know when it will be possible to return to normal, traveling is one of the inner desires that never seems to go away. And what never goes away, even in difficult times, for Davide Guglielmi was passion, Davide is a tagger from Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli, who is a creative tour operator and organizes itineraries accompanying travelers around the world.

We asked Davide to tell us a little bit about himself and how he is facing this complicated period.

Hi Davide, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

For years I have been dealing with tourism. I started in 2006 in the Sultanate of Oman driving off-road vehicles in the desert; today I study and organize very special and creative tailor-made trips.

Davide Guglielmi

I have always worked for a market niche and I have had the pleasure of relating with very demanding, attentive to detail and stimulating customers, to whom I offer my advice and deep knowledge of high-level tourism products.

Among many activities, what I am passionate about and gives me the most satisfaction is the relationship with people, which I take care of differently in each phase, from decision-making to fruition. Very often I manage the whole process; from generating a curiosity or a travel idea to accompanying my customers. This allowed me to develop the ability to understand and interpret the real needs of travellers, to the point of completely satisfying them. In today’s tourism, this aspect is essential and will surely be even more important for the tourism of the future, because now consumers look for experiences instead of simple visits.

“The travel industry of the future will be the one that will help us insert ourselves into the realities of each country and understand them, what we need are the experiences that meet our inner needs”. (Cit.). A concept that today, living in this Covid era is even more important!

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How did the idea of Contemporary Art of Travel come about and what is it exactly?

Davide Guglielmi – Contemporary Art of Travel feeds on love and passion, on life and dreams: mine. It is the result of years around the world and research on paper behind a desk. Deep knowledge of the tourism sector and strong relationships with local collaborators. It is a philosophy that puts travellers at the centre of my thoughts, to satisfy their thirst for culture, to respond to their curiosities.

How do I do this? I start from a desire and design a path to build a tailor-made journey. That’s why on my website there is no pre-established itinerary but only suggestions.

Contemporary Art of Travel is a creative tour operator, which designs tailor-made itineraries and trips to the most incredible destinations in South America, Antarctica, Arctic, Europe, Italy, Arab countries, Asia, Africa and Oceania: culture, nature and charm combined with an experiential approach. Traveling with me means experiencing the luxury of experience!

The Covid emergency has shaken our lives and the whole economy, including the tourism sector. What impact did it have on your business and how do you see the future?

The impact of Covid-19 on the tourism sector has been, and continues to be, very destabilizing. The whole sector and all related activities have been hit very hard. Requests have stopped since mid-February and most people do not feel “free” to move as they wish. Many countries are preparing rules for the gradual reopening, which however will be much slower and more complex than the newspaper headlines have described. Surely the desire for traveling has not diminished, however it is still time to have patience. We must know how to enjoy waiting for what will become the first post-Covid trip. Meanwhile, I have already developed my “Covid-19 travel” guidelines. And I am following them to travel safely and with all the necessary precautions, regardless of the regulations that will be – I catalog all the useful information, I keep myself constantly updated, I listen to my Partners, I establish guiding principles, I try to limit future complaints, create a list of countries at risk and countries safe to travel, constantly monitoring the Foreign Ministry’s Crisis Unit.

Certainly in the near future we will be privileged to go to these destinations where we can fully enjoy nature, breathe deeply and explore immense spaces.

Why did you choose Talent Garden and what do you like most about our network?

I chose Talent Garden for the services it offers, its flexibility, locations and dynamism. I need to be close to my travelers, so having the opportunity to use the spaces in all the cities of the network where Talent Garden is present is truly a plus!

20 July 2020

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