Learning about Technology in a fun way: Jesús Ángel Bravo, Director of Camp Tecnológico


“Learning about technology in a fun way” Jesús Ángel Bravo, Director Camp Tecnológico

My son was twelve-years-old when he first told me he wanted to learn to code, it was something very special for me to know he was interested in technology because it has always been my passion in life. Together we started looking for interesting events or initiatives he could attend or be a part of, but at the time we could not find anything that introduced STEM topics to young children in a fun and interactive way. Even inside the schooling system, these subjects are not being covered.

It was in this moment that I understood something needed to be done, it is not possible that something as important as this is not being encouraged among this new generation. I wanted to make an impact, I wanted to show children how fun and amazing robotics and coding can be and that is why I launched Camp Tecnológico.

I am a physicist, an entrepreneur, and a founder. I opened my first tech company, Softec, when I was only twenty-six in 1984, and in 2009 I sold it to Ibermática Group. I share my expertise with Spanish startups as a business angel investor and since 2011 I am the Director of Camp Tecnológico. In the first year, 250 kids enrolled in our summer camps, these initiatives are important for the whole family because they have an opportunity to come together and learn in a new environment and to discover and explore the world of coding, electronics and robotics. Families came back years later thanking me because from that summer camp and this entertaining introduction to technology their children followed a study path that led to choosing STEM subjects in university and that is for me the ultimate goal.

You can work at Talent Garden, while your kids learn

This year we’ll hold a programming summer course for kids in the Talent Garden Madrid campus, it’s such a colourful and inspiring place and you can see the pure excitement in the children and that is what we aim for, also making it easier for parents, as they can stay to work from Talent Garden while their kids are learning. As good as it gets.

We want these children to be the builders of a new digital world and not limited to being a passive users. And being in this environment filled with entrepreneurs and digital and tech professionals shows these kids what the future can be like.

By using robotics and electronics as a vehicle, and using a learn-by-doing method, they are introduced to coding, apps, and tools. Also, gamification and digital art is a way to capture the interest of these kids. It is a new form of expression that opens the imagination and allows them to unite an artistic part of themselves and integrate it into this digital world. Having Talent Garden as a base for these types of activities is perfect for what we are doing, the Talent Garden team and the community so friendly and welcoming.

Tech summercamp kids

8 December 2019

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