Meet our Community: Tommaso Bussoletti, UI & UX Designer at Cerved Group


“Believe in what you want to do.” Tommaso Bussoletti UI/UX Designer at Cerved Group and Talent Garden Innovation School Graduate

My story is very similar to many other graduates in Italy. You are twenty-five years old, you get a degree in Architecture, making your parents proud, of course. And then you have to leave in search of your future job. With a backpack loaded with dreams and expectations, you arrive in London. But just like it always happens to gold miners, what you discover during your search is not only raw material but often something else. For me, I found my way: as a UX Designer and a dad.

London opened a thousand doors and gave me a job. I had reached my goal. My experience in the UK was an explosion of creativity. But working for the artist Cyril de Commarque and contributing to the design of the Fluxland installation, I realized that the dilated time of the physical world was not enough for me. I needed something fast-paced that would allow me to test my intuitions and adapt them to concrete needs immediately. And so pushed by this desire to satisfy this calling and following my creative spirit, I discovered the digital world and UX design.

But when you are twenty-nine, have a stable career and a girlfriend to co-design a life with, it is not easy to say “I want to change our lives, because I think I have found my way”. But with the maturity of an almost thirty-year-old and driven by the fear of making a mistake, I began to understand how right my intuition was. And as the professionals around me agreed, my conviction grew stronger. And then one day I typed in Google “UX design course Italy”, and that is how I discovered the Talent Garden Innovation School, the only school that allowed me in twelve weeks to redesign my professional career. To attend the Master was a hard choice; it was the first time I really felt like everything was on my shoulders. Economically, I had to ask for a loan from the bank and personally because I had to ask my girlfriend to follow me back home. I was convinced it was the right choice, but I had no guarantees.

But as the weeks progressed, my doubts disappeared. All the different activities you do during the Master give you the possibility to improve your skills. I became a better digital professional after only a few weeks, I was ready to collaborate, communicate, give and receive continuous feedback and of course, to become a UX Designer. Applying a creative mindset in strategies and making sure to achieve the highest level of user experience became my ultimate goal. If I had to advise young graduates, all I would say is that opportunities don’t happen, you create them and if you’ve been thinking about a career in UX, now is definitely the right time to get started.

8 December 2019

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