Coworking Platforms

It’s important that you find the right fit for you when you are looking for a coworking space. Are you an entrepreneur looking to work and be located somewhere specific? Are you in need of an environment that would benefit one interested in the culinary arts? Do you simply need a space in which you can kickoff your business? All of these are important factors in one’s decision as you know there are many different types of coworking spaces and each has their own benefits and personality. To make this decision easier, the list below provides some of the top coworking search platforms.


Nomad List

This is a platform that has endless options when it comes to which places will be best for you to choose. It is also well organized so that you may set preferences based on internet speed, location, cost of living, safety, and any other social and personal preferences.


Focuses greatly on how members might be able to better themselves through connection with other people. Seats2Meet offers meeting rooms and innovative workspaces. It also provides option to participate in both physical locations or online by process of matching and connecting you with like-minded people.

Is a platform that collaborates with businesses and workers of all types. offers two different options. One is for people to list a space and the other is the chance for people to book space. They consider the world to be your workplace and provide over 9,000 listings at over 1,400 companies worldwide.

Coworkworldwide features some of the world’s best coworking spaces and has endless options to choose from. Visitors have the option to browse by space,  browse by city,  or list spaces that they would like to share.


Is unique because it offers coliving and coworking in a smaller amount of places around the world. There is high-quality living spaces, spacious fast-wifi work spaces, and a community similar to you; ambitious, passionate, ready to learn, and take on adventure.


Mobile apps can help one find a coworking Space conveniently. Below are apps that provide network, nature, help to remote workers, flexibility, and meeting rooms.


This app gives you access to plenty of coworking spaces all around the world providing locations in 26 different countries. With Loop Space you can find the perfect coworking space for you and select preferences upon signing up.


For digital nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, employees, and professionals, workfrom is a leading search engine for alternative workspaces. They have plenty of filter options to make sure you are either finding a place that fits all of your needs. Whether that be a space that is pet-friendly or halfway around the world, Work From is proud to help.


Claims to be the Airbnb of workspaces. With a network of 300 designed workspaces in locations around the world, you can book a reservation where you would like for short-term or long-term stays. You also have the option of reserving via iphone. When using this, you book your reservation for a space with amenities and pay-as-you-go.


This platform helps you find and book places anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Australia. With this app you can communicate directly with hosts and track spaces for availability. You can find an office that better suits your needs, and you can also select a space for long-term or short-term. Focusing on the intersection of people and a workplace, providing a vast supply workspaces for renting office space.

24 January 2018

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