Meet Laika, our CHO!

Here at Talent Garden Barcelona, we want to support our members in any way that we can to make them more productive, successful, and creative.

We know that studies have shown that happier employees are more productive, innovative, motivated, energetic, and optimistic– so we do our part to make sure our coworkers love what they do and are happy to come to work each day. Creating a happy workplace is essential in building our coworking community and keeping our members on the track to success and well-being.

Creating happiness is a lot of work, so we found ourselves a CHO -Chief Happiness Officer-, who is more than up for the job. We are a lucky Coworking space with a furry, fluffy, adorable CHO named Laika. She uses her lovable powers and cuteness to put smiles on our members faces every day.

She sits under their desks and keeps them company as they work. She brings our members together as they crowd around her, strengthening our community and creating bonds between coworkers. Laika has a very important job at Talent Garden and will continue to spread love and smiles to our members to keep them happy at work and help them reach success. Thank you Laika!

Watch her video HERE!

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