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“Impossible is nothing.” Krasi Yuriev, Founder and CEO at iRoboInvest

I think you have to be very flexible as an entrepreneur. You have to be open to change and new possibilities, you have to see the environment, the regulations and limits and adapt to them. For example, the business model we
had, in the beginning, has completely changed now. You have to take into account so many aspects, also things like profitability. Can you actually make money as a startup? That is why I think it is key to be very flexible and very humble and that is the only way to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Being very open is essential, open to meeting and getting to know other startups can lead to great opportunities and that is why going to the Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program, offered by Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna and the Vienna Business Agency, was such a huge privilege for me and my cofounder Alex. We actually won the opportunity to go at a pitching competition from Raiffeisen Bank International, we were pitching our startup IRoboInvest, basically we are a fintech company, we automatised the investing process with a tailored user experience, from understanding your risk, creating a customised recommendation for your portfolio and investing.

We didn’t know what to expect from the program but we were so positively surprised about the great selection of
startups, we were a group of thirteen entrepreneurs from nine different countries and for those two weeks, we all got along so well. Honestly, we became great friends with those people, already two of them have come
to Bulgaria to visit us since we finished the program. I think that the interactions with these startups were one of the most positive aspects of the two weeks. The other amazing thing about the program was that not only did we have pitch events, learning sessions, workshops and guest speakers. But we also had events outside the Talent Garden Vienna campus, and it was about seeing the city and learning not just about Vienna on a business side but also on a cultural side and this just completely lifted the event to a new level, giving us interesting and entertaining insights.

When I think back to how both Alex and I felt working for other companies and when we realised we needed something different, we had the expertise, I was the finance guy and he was the tech guy and we were both looking for something new, a project that was built around our passions and to challenge ourselves. That was when we had this idea to make investing more accessible, to make it cheaper so everyone can benefit from it and even if being in a startup is stressful, we absolutely love it and it has taken us so many places just like Vienna. Meeting people that are just as crazy as you are in a sense is inspiring, we learnt so much from those people.

8 December 2019

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