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“I’m still learning.” Luigi Biafora, Talent Manager Southern Europe at Procter & Gamble

We always say, and I think by now, it ’s a fact that innovation is the primary mechanism for companies to grow and to create a sustainable competitive advantage. But a fundamental ingredient to bring a culture of innovation into a company is to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language. This was something we had a challenge with because, for the first time in the history of P&G, we have four generations of employees working next to each other, from Digital Natives to Baby Boomers.

We quickly realised that understanding each other is the primary need. And the only way to do this was with upskilling. So we decided to boost an innovative learning program that split our employees according to their digital needs. The velocity of markets and technological developments led us to externalise the project and choose a partner. We wanted a leader in the tech ecosystem, and for us, Talent Garden has been a door to the future, a way to change mindsets and approaches. They supported us in creating a digital culture where everyone in the company, regardless of their role or age, is aware of the impact digital can have on productivity, revenue, and sales.

Together with Talent Garden, we designed a cross-department program on critical digital assets, from inspiration to technical procedure, as the ideal cultural onboarding according to the company’s industry, culture and priorities. The project was structured in one Envisioning Academy, giving a general introduction to digital transformation factors, innovation processes and the development of new solutions, products and services. Two days for inspiration, fundamental digital assets and team building. The second step was “From Data to Decision Masterclass” learning tools and techniques for collecting, managing and visualising data for decision-making. The last step was the “ Marketing in a Digital World Masterclass” looking at the main aspects of new digital marketing environments, including analytics and performance marketing.

Digital transformation requires many companies to change their perspective, and often it ’s generally focused on the product, but the human factor has a significant impact on the processes, and digital innovation does not generate the desired effects when your teams don’t understand the value. And that is why reskilling and upskilling requires a change of mentality. And thanks to Talent Garden, we gave participants the ability to access new ideas, disruptive methodologies, a new mindset, and of course, to speak the same language, a digital one.

8 December 2019

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