Testimonials From Our Dublin Network of Explorers and Innovators!

At Talent Garden, we have a continuously growing network of talented digital and tech professionals from all walks of life and industries. We have a community of 4.500 members in 21 campuses across 8 countries, all interconnected through collaborations, partnerships, space sharing and our online platforms. We have created an ecosystem structured with core values to enable people to work, learn, and connect. Each member has the opportunity to benefit both personally and help others through creating relationships, sharing knowledge and learning new skills. This increases the single business or members chances to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, and every individual success boosts the community as a whole.

But don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials from our network of community members.



Thomas Cashman, Founder and Director of Viridian Software

“My main challenge in all of this is that I am not a business person – I am very much a programmer, a technical person and a creative person, so I have had to learn the business stuff as I go. Things like pitching, negotiating, cash flow and taxes are all new to me, but I am fortunate to be here in Talent Garden Dublin which allows me to find people that can help me, which is so valuable – just being surrounded by so many people with different skills is a huge benefit.

I always feel that I can chat with the Talent Garden team, and they often put me in touch with the right person, which is so helpful. Other coworking spaces don’t have the atmosphere that Talent Garden has, there’s an incredible community feel here that the team really put an effort into creating, and make sure that all of the members are involved and finding value in it.”




Adam Dalton and Evan Darcy, Founders of Robotify

“What really attracted us to Talent Garden was the network of people it gave us access to – it’s wonderful to be part of something ‘sans frontières!’ I also think that as a small company with only two full-timers, it has given us an environment in which we can just have fun. We have made friends with our neighbouring companies and that fun atmosphere has made us look forward to coming into work even more every day!



David Clancy and Ciaran Dunne, Founders of Hauora

“Talent Garden was recommended to me from a friend who told us to check it out. She told us that there’s a lovely green space out the back of the campus and a nice Italian café restaurant, and that the staff and members are really warm and friendly. When we walked in it was exactly what we expected. There’s a lot to be said about being warm and smiley and friendly, you don’t see that enough. We’ve gone to coworking spaces that might look pretty or aesthetically great but if they’re miserable or seem false that will influence what you think of the place and we’ve never had that impression from Talent Garden.”



Louise Leonard, Founder and Principal Advisor at Momentum Advisory

“I’m no longer meeting clients in public coffee shops or hotel lobbies. I bring them to Talent Garden where they are greeted at reception, guided to the café for coffee and I host them in state of the art meeting rooms with the appropriate facilities. It allows my business and brand to be represented in the professional manner that I desire.”

1 September 2020

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