Meet our Team: Lorenzo Maternini, Country Manager Talent Garden Italy


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” Lorenzo Maternini, Country Manager Talent Garden Italy

Talking about challenges: how do you turn a group of people, a Country, into a team, moving forward as one
unit, while doubling the team members and opening three new campuses. Well, this was an incredible year for Talent Garden Italy. A year of incredible growth and successful experiments.

This year we opened three new campuses in big cities around Italy (Milan, Rome and Turin), including the first vertically themed campus in the history of our company. Talent Garden Isola, an incredibly successful risk that we took, believing that we could create something important, bringing together realities from the foodtech world and placing them all inside one campus. I remember that it all started almost as a joke, “ What does Italy do better than anyone else?” “Food”. Not a joke anymore.

But physical spaces are only one part of the game. Italy is not (yet) seen in high regard for digital and technological advancements. That ’s what truly motivates our Talent Garden Innovation School. We are thriving to create the digital professionals of tomorrow, this year our courses spread from being held in just one city to now being present in Milan, Rome and Turin. These courses work in very different environments and are shaping the skills of hundreds of students. And a huge satisfaction is how hard we worked to place 100% of them into work experiences in different realities, offering them the chance to turn their passions into their work.

Last but not least, we forged a new extraordinary team supporting corporates to ideate and boost Digital Transformation projects, through the involvement of the Talent Garden community. Corporates are an incredible opportunity to drive change through their massive presence and by example, so connecting them with our incredible startup-based community could only give the main ingredients for really special projects, starting from our local necessities and identity, and then scaling all the way up to the global digital and tech ecosystem.

Our aim and wish for the community is simple and is what drives Talent Garden in the first place: to create an innovation ecosystem in our cities, in Europe, and around the world. Our campuses, our classrooms, our events and projects are a means for a higher, never-ending drive to innovate with passion. How do we do this? By giving people the tools, the network, the skills to do it and more, every single day. This is Talent Garden Italy.

8 December 2019

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