Meet our Team: Mark Bennett, Country Manager Talent Garden Ireland


“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Mark Bennett, Country Manager Talent Garden Ireland

We have had a fantastic year at Talent Garden Dublin! We officially opened our campus in October 2018 and, like all first years of a business, there have been challenges along the way. That really brought us together as a team to build something really unique in Glasnevin. Our team, our members and our students have all been part of creating a vibe and atmosphere on campus that resonates with visitors. It is a remarkable thing to be in hard hats and boots during construction last year and then walk around a vibrant community within a 12 month period.

One of the highlights this year was our ‘first birthday’ party on October 15th, one year to the day after officially opening the doors of the campus. It was really heartwarming to be able to celebrate with all of the people who helped make Talent Garden Dublin what it has become. One of our goals in 2020 is to make our campus a gravity well for Artificial Intelligence, so we thought it was particularly appropriate to dedicate our birthday to AI, with events running throughout the day such as ‘AI & Us’ and ‘Tech & Tonic’ with AI companies for our members and guests to enjoy.

Our greatest challenge is to fully realise all of the opportunities we have. There are so many startups, businesses, students and companies that enjoy our spaces and experiences that it is hard to join all the dots. Happily, we focus on relationship building, so the opportunities are always available! 

We know that how people feel here, powers what they do here. My wish is that we get to share the energy we have all brought to this building with others in the wider ecosystem that need help, or can give help, to create the businesses of the future. It has certainly been a ‘year of firsts’ for us – from welcoming the Intel Movidius Edge AI Incubator to our campus and having it return in 2020, launching Ireland’s first VC in Residence Programme, welcoming the Lead Animator for Game of Thrones to host a sold-out seminar and workshop, along with launching and successfully running Bootcamps and Masterclasses within our Innovation School that will contribute to transforming the tech landscape in Ireland and beyond. It ’s an exciting time at Talent Garden Dublin, and I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

8 December 2019

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