Meet our Team: Petra Hauser, Country Manager Talent Garden Austria


“My passion is to explore new things and show their beauty to others.” Petra Hauser Country Manager Talent Garden Austria

2019 was a year full of surprises for Talent Garden Vienna. It took quite a while until we found the right location, but finally we were successful and at the end of March the big moment had arrived: we celebrated our grand opening together with hundreds of people, including the Austrian Minister for Digitisation as well as many C – Levels and representatives of our founding partners Raiffeisen Bank International, the strategy consultancy EY and the Vienna Insurance Group. With our shareholder startup300, one of the most important players in the Austrian startup world, we were able to welcome a strong partner on board who immediately connected Talent Garden with entrepreneurs from all over Austria.

“Vienna is different ” is a phrase often used to describe the unique and sometimes very unpredictable behaviour
of the Viennese. Perhaps this is the reason why so many who have tried to build a vibrant community based on
coworking have not been successful. Talent Garden has brought something magical to Vienna, a certain twist, a special mood or simply the authentic passion to offer real value from human connection. Whatever it is, it has made Talent Garden Vienna grow at a tremendous pace and now, at the end of 2019, after only nine months, we have a community of 280 members. But magic is not about numbers. It is our wonderful community that makes the difference and of course my unique team of brilliant young professionals who take real responsibility for what they do. In this way we have managed to organise tons of events to connect, educate and inspire our members, we have enabled hackathons for partners like the Austrian Advertising Agency and in July we launched the Digital Entrepreneurship Summer Program welcoming entrepreneurs from across the world into our campus.

One of the absolute highlights of 2019 was that we managed to create something new for this market here in Vienna. In November, we opened the Talent Garden Innovation School with three full-time Bootcamps for 50 students from all over the world. These people come from Japan, Iran, Macedonia, Germany, Peru, Argentina, Romania, Syria, Martinique and, of course, Austria. They will receive a three-month learning journey that will give them the digital skills they need to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s labour markets – in Austria and beyond.

We are excited about this purposeful work, we are growing our ecosystem and we love to feel and share our passion for the human factor in a digitised world.

8 December 2019

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