What our community says: “An office is part of the soul of the Company” Luis Díaz del Dedo, CEO Product Hackers

Belonging to the Talent Garden network means being part of a community of digital and technological innovators that is continuously growing. In 2020 we face one of the biggest challenges we have ever faced: continuing to add value to belonging to Talent Garden, involved in a new normal delimited by social distance and coexistence limitations because of COVID-19.

Pursuing this purpose, we have turned our coworking spaces into safe places for our members, we have expanded our network with dozens of innovative professionals, startups and scaleups with a digital and technological profile, we continue to organize online and onsite events within the regulations fixed in each country, and we offer more personalized services than ever.

Is it hard to believe? Check out some testimonials from our members!

CEO Product Hackers coworking

An office is part of the soul of the company. A grey and sad office would host a grey and sad company. If you work at a beautiful, comfortable, fun workspace, it would therefore affect your company”.

“Something very good that happens at a coworking space is that you can interact with a wide variety of people and that adds a lot of value to the professionals that work at the campus. In fact, from my point of view, it’s the best part; it’s fantastic to be have the chance to talk to another person that has a similar problem to yours or a similar company to yours and cry together or to celebrate the good news”.

Luis Díaz del Dedo
CEO – Product Hackers


“Being based at a coworking space, for us and mainly for the digital section of the company, is something necessary which is also part of the strategy of Increnta. When you work in a company that has its own building, it means less flexibility. Here, however, you can organise your work and have all the means at your disposal fitting your demand. So, taking that into account, we’re very comfortable here. Also because of the opportunities to network with other companies, because this is like a technological hub”.

“We decided to be at a coworking space also counting on the companies that normally opt for these types of workspaces, as our mentality is alike and Increnta seeks for partnerships with those types of companies”.

“Even other corporations see you differently. When you tell them that you’re part of Talent Garden and it’s a coworking space, they understand straight away that you’re a startup or at least you have similar motivations”.

Sara Carbajo Suárez
Business Developer – Increnta


“At a company like ours, Prestashop, we need to be close to people, we need a community, we need to network. When we think of the internet media we always think it’s 100% online, but there’s a lot of offline still, and that development part, being connected to other startups or similar companies within the startup-internet vertical, will be a big benefit for us”.

“There’s something significant for us about events, and we were giving it a push, but we needed a place that had a community of businesses that would support those types of events. This is something that Talent Garden perfectly fits with. On the one hand, we have a workspace that solves the issue of just being at home and lets us gather together, but it is not just about needing office space. But having a place that supports business development, events, community, engagement, and for us, we found that solution here with Talent Garden”.

Jorge González
Country Manager  – Prestashop España


“We’ve been very lucky because we’ve grown surprisingly fast. That, combined with the fact that we were extremely comfortable here at Talent Garden gave us the opportunity to expand inside Talent Garden. We started with just three memberships – two full and one flex if I remember correctly – and we already have an office for 6 people… and we’ll soon need more room!

My team feels at home. They already know a lot of people here and network with them. We can have lunch at the huge terrace at the campus, or there’s an event to attend, or we’re simply at the office but there’s not a boring wall in front of you: there’s glass, light and wood… that helps a lot the team to be comfortable, and I’m delighted, because they work more and better!

“Talent Garden not only is the place where we work at, but it’s also part of our communications. We’re a green company – we sell natural products – and we always joke saying that there’s no better place for us than a Talent ‘Garden’”.

Borja Iribarne
CEO – Profesor CBD


10 September 2020

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