Innovation is
to experience change as an opportunity.

For us, opportunities start with people, from a desire to have an impact on the world around us. This is why we guide and support Corporates who are on a path of exploration and development in the world of digital transformation. We connect them with a European network of talents and partners in the technology industry.

Discovery and Co-Creation, this serves to broaden your vision and to give concrete results to innovative ideas thanks to the collaboration with the best European and global startups that are developing new business approaches.

Corporate Education, this generates value within the company thanks to the acquisition and constant updating of strategic and technical skills to face the challenges of Digital Transformation.


talent garden
talent garden

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Some of our successful stories

Together with Google to innovate the publishing sector

Together with the tech giant, we have developed a project to support the FIEG (Italian Federation of Newspaper Publishers) in the development of a new mindset through the evaluation of the opportunities that come from the massive adoption of digital technologies in the publishing industry. We have organised an Envisioning Academy in three different cities, as well as a hackathon in Turin, to transform ideas into concrete projects to be implemented within the sector.

Angelini: Digital Transformation at its core

For Angelini, we have developed a program to promote digital culture in the company and understand how new digital technologies can be a competitive driver for business development. The course focused on vertical skills and digital topics such as Lean & Agile, Data, Smart Objects, IoT, Rapid Prototyping and Digital Culture, also allowed participants to acquire an innovative methodology to developing new ideas.

Electrolux and Agile methodologies

Electrolux, a manufacturer of household and personal appliances, has decided to improve the management of complex projects through Lean & Agile methods. Thanks to two dedicated days of training, 20 resources have learnt the principles and framework of the lean and agile approach to digital project management. Increasing and improving the capacity of the organisation to adapt to change. Thanks to the alternation between face-to-face lectures with professionals and workshops, the participants were able to put the new approach into practice immediately.

Fater: generation and evaluation of business models

Together with Fater, an Italian company and a joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Angelini Group, we have developed a project designed to find the correct positioning strategy for the Smart Toy market developed by the company. After three days of user testing designed to develop different scenarios that could highlight how the Smart Toy was able to respond to market trends and two days dedicated to the generation and evaluation of the business model. The team gained a greater awareness of their product, thus being able to develop an optimal positioning strategy.

talent garden
talent garden

Be a part of our vibrant community

Talent Garden’s mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses that empower digital & tech communities.

Smart Working

For companies that want to give their employees the opportunity to do smart
working in an innovative space that stimulates new ideas and connections with talented professionals.

Branded Meeting Room

An interactive space capable of adding value to business meetings with your partners and to convey the key message of your brand to the community. The meeting room can be reserved by the community online.

Corporate Space

Choose between a dedicated private office from 4 up to 20 people or branded desks in an open space to experience our way of working in close contact with the community.

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How can you not be a Talent Garden Partner? A splendid reality, which allowed us to project our community towards the future. As Poste Italiane, we work a lot with startups, saving 6-18 months off the time to get on the market.

Matteo del Fante - CEO and General Manager, Poste Italiane

Talent Garden is a boiling pot of different skills and capabilities that generate a lot of energy and innovative solutions. It is the place where you can create (and not just dream) new projects by leveraging the talent and ecosystem of companies and startups that gravitate around the network of campuses.

Fabio Benasso - Senior Managing Director, Accenture

With Talent Garden, we are working to transform our internal skills with the ultimate goal of accelerating the growth of our country and thinking about new business models.

Agostino Santoni - CEO, Cisco

talent garden
talent garden

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