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In the last few months, many companies have found themselves finding a new way of working and getting involved in what is just the starting point of an unpredictable journey with high potential. Once the moment of initial reaction has passed, it is essential to focus on new values and organisational models: the engagement of teams, a process of open leadership, lean and agile approaches are crucial elements to retaining a competitive advantage. Stimulating and encouraging autonomy in teams contributes to an increase in productivity and remarkable improvements to the company performance.

A tailor-made program to redefine together how to approach the organization of work. 

In an increasingly competitive environment, corporations must develop a fresh mindset. The best way to do so is by seeking the key players within the innovation ecosystem, such as startups and scaleups, whose model is characterised by high flexibility and change management. Thanks to our experience and network of experts, we design and develop programs for corporates in a new approach that is agile, digital and employee-centric.

Agile Mindset
Agile Mindset

Experimentation, effective learning, design thinking and open communication: these are just a few tools and features defining an agile organisation. Along with our team of experts, Talent Garden trains professionals in improving overall results through adopting an agile strategy and implementing new collaborative models.

Digital Leadership
Digital Leadership

Delegation and flexible management of collaborators based on key principles such as trust and transparency, even remotely: digital leaders inspire and motivate teams that are becoming increasingly more diversified. They allow groups to work in full autonomy in order to achieve shared goals through an open dialogue and constructive feedback. Their leadership style is marked by curiosity towards technology and openness to change, always aiming at enabling their teams to complete tasks with high efficiency.

Digital HR
Digital HR

All changes related to the organization of work must be followed by a rearrangement of the ways employees and the company interact with each other, in terms of keeping a safe distance and of collaborative working. By applying the UX to organisational models with an approach guided by Employee Centric Design, we help corporates and HR departments redesign the corporate Employee Experience in order to make it more engaging and efficient, also by applying digital methodologies into all HR processes.

Discover the methodologies and the mindset of a New Way of Working.

Sara Milani, Corporate Transformation Strategist in Talent Garden, explains why it is essential for organizations to adopt a new mindset and a new agile approach to thrive in an increasingly more digital world.

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