Open Innovation

Connect with the Innovation Ecosystem and discover a new way to generate business solutions.

In an ever-changing context such as the one we live in, to stay competitive and ahead of the curve it is essential to acquire new and fresh perspectives and to move quickly and promptly in the market.

By connecting your talents with the entire Innovation Ecosystem, our Open Innovation Programs will allow the entire organisation to rapidly switch to a new approach and to implement immediate changes in your business model, your processes, your leadership and company strategy.

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talent garden
talent garden

We support corporates in tailor-made idea generation programs, working with a unique network of experts and innovators.

According to the specific needs of our clients, we co-create programs of idea generation that involve in different formats the entire digital ecosystem, as well as the talents from your own organisation.

By leveraging our network of experts, we help corporates solve business challenges in an innovative way, bringing into the organisation new knowledge and methodologies. This also serves the need to engage your in-house collaborators, hence initiating and supporting the development of a new Culture of Innovation.

Agile Mindset

A two-day marathon designed to shape ideas and put them into practice by promoting the development of innovative projects that can bring a new perspective to the core business of each company, all this while engaging with external players from the Innovation Ecosystem like startups and young digital talents.

Digital Leadership

A full immersion that involves internal clusters of collaborators to solve a business challenge. Facilitated by our experts, hackstorms are very efficient tools to generate new ideas and get trained on the latest trends and insights from the world of innovation.

Host Workshops

Dedicated to everyone or to selected teams, Calls4Ideas are digital initiatives during which collaborators and external innovators can propose their ideas and solutions to contribute to business challenges. These experiences are meant to promote a culture of collaboration and at the same time create new opportunities for the business.

Our Numbers

  • 12,000+

    People involved in our programs

  • 5,000

    Ideas generated within the Talent Garden ecosystem

  • 100+

    Experts from our network

  • 9,000+

    Hours of Workshops and Training

Our clients

  • Electrolux
  • Lavazza
  • Accenture

Explore the latest tools and methodologies and start now your journey of Idea Generation.

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