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Meet the best digital talents of tomorrow

We train hundreds of students every year supporting their personal growth by providing the tools, skills and the network necessary for them to become the most in demand digital professionals on the job market. Come and meet them to find out if they are the right resources for your company.

A European network of over 5,000 digital talents

Thanks to teachers who are also expert professionals in their fields, our students have concrete skills that they can put into practice in various areas of the digital world.

What are the professional figures we train?

  • UX and UI Designer UX and UI Designer
  • Digital Marketer Digital Marketer
  • Growth Hacker Growth Hacker
  • Data Expert (Data Scientist and Business Data Analyst) Data Expert (Data Scientist and Business Data Analyst)
  • Digital Product Manager Digital Product Manager
  • Digital HR Expert Digital HR Expert
  • Digital & Innovation Consultant (Digital Officer) Digital & Innovation Consultant (Digital Officer)
  • Content Designer Content Designer
  • Coder and Developer Coder and Developer

Do you want to meet the talents of tomorrow?

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Learn about the initiatives through which companies can support students in our network.

Job Posting

Do you have any open positions? We can share it with our network of alumni made up of hundreds of students, from recent graduates to professionals with years of experience.

Project Work

Are you looking for new ideas? Become a partner of the Masters and assign students a project that responds to a real need from your company. They will work on it during the course and present the most innovative solutions and designs.

Host Workshops
Job Assessment

Do you want to see our students at work? Test them with a group evaluation that we will host in our spaces. Just choose the questions and challenges to which they must respond and carefully observe their method of work.

Talent Day

Would you like to get to know our talents? Take part in Talent Days. This is a dedicated time designed to put you in direct contact with students thanks to one-to-one interviews.

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Our Numbers

  • 92%

    the percentage of students employed one year after their Master

  • 1202

    companies participating in the program

  • 1860

    interviews done

  • 103

    project works carried out by our students

  • 67

    group assessments

Angelica, a Data Scientist newly hired by our company, perfectly integrated with the rest of the team already working on advanced Data Science issues and was able to play an important role of Project Manager from the very beginning, managing with professionalism and scientific competence the various issues related to the development of the code required by the customer. Her professional profile is very interesting for a market that, beyond mere scientific skills, also needs digital transformation skills.

Alessandro Chessa, CEO of Linkalab

I’ve had great luck hiring new graduates of Vienna's Talent Garden Innovation School. All three new graduates I have on my team are extremely hardworking and have practical knowledge of how UX works in the industry, in addition to a solid foundational understanding of the academic principles of UX.

Sean Kelly, Vice President/User Experience - Tricentis

It is always a pleasure to speak to students from Talent Garden. They are highly motivated people with a great foundation of design thinking and excellent communication skills. Whenever we hire, I always wish we had more positions to offer, there are just so many good people that could fill the role.

Oleg Novikov, Senior Product Designer - Dynatrace

The lockdown has changed many company dynamics, including recruiting. We met Alessia and Francesca - former UX Design Master students - thanks to a truly unique Talent Day, held entirely remotely. In spite of this very special selection process and the fact that they joined the company entirely in smart working mode, they both managed to enter fully into the dynamics of the company and deal effectively with the projects assigned to them, using the skills acquired during the Master's course and learning something new every day.


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talent garden

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