Yurino Oshima
Wien - Austria
Not available to move

Available from December 2021

Yurino Oshima

Available from August 2021

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Yurino Oshima

Wien - Austria
Not available to move
Student Profile
Perfect fit

UX/UI Designer

Ideal destinations

Corporate, SMEs

Masters attended

UX Design Bootcamp

Hello, I'm Yurino

I am a Japanese user-centred (UX&UI) designer with both business and artistic perspectives, and more than 5years of experience in fashion design, stage/advertising acting for well known companies, and customer service & support. My experience in a number of different settings has given me the capacity to accept different types of people and things, and to draw on my imagination well. I am always focused on my goals and maintain harmony within a team. I am very much looking forward to meeting talented people, and using all the experience I have so far to evolve further!

Bachelor's degree

Fashion Design

Yurino in pills
Describe yourself in 3 words

Harmonious, Diligence, Insightful

What is your main strength?

Concentration, tenacity, self-control, co-operation and empathy to carry out objectives towards a set goal, regardless of the circumstances. I am particularly good at listening to others and getting to the point, and at sustaining a steady stream of detailed work.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Writing, knitting, reading, watching films and art, going for walks in nature, eating good food and chatting with the people I love are the things that keep me going well.:)

Tools I'm confident with
Adobe Photoshop
UI & Visual Design
UX Design&Service Design
Comparative analysis
User Interview
User Research & Usability testing




German A1

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