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We don’t need new leaders, we need new leadership styles

With the increasing demands on leaders, high expectations on growth, adaptation to new working conditions, talent retention and acquisition to name a few, “traditional” management styles have come into question. They’re no longer an insurance for efficiency and growth. In fact, they can even halter the development of a company.

For those few companies that have been able to adapt to new ways of leadership, the return of investment is apparent, with revenues and shareholder returns coming in at nearly twice the rate of their competitors.

It is therefore imperative for all leaders to find new ways to inspire, engage and motivate their teams by adopting new leadership models, amongst them Creative leadership. Creative leadership enables teams and organisations to increase their resilience, proactivity, collaboration and of course, creativity. 

In our 3-day workshop we look at how to change mindset, learn new practices and tools to promote and drive meaningful change in a clear, effective, and actionable way. We create an inspiring space where we can safely learn & share core practices to generate unconventional ideas, developing the tools to actively influence & empower people.

In our Creative leadership workshops for leaders we cover:

  • Understand how to innovate in highly regulated spaces
  • Thinking in new ways
  • Learn how to create an inspiring and ambitious vision 
  • Discover and leverage collective genius
  • Understand how to empower and positively influence people 
  • Learn how to promote personal and organisational growth

Who benefits?

Our workshops are aimed at senior management leadership within your company, but the majority of your organisation’s leaders can benefit from adopting the creative leadership model.  

Best suited for:

  • Supervising roles

    For example project managers and product owners responsible for operational processes and taking a product from start to finish

  • Leadership roles

    Responsible for managing teams and reach goals

  • Senior management roles

    Looking to transform company culture and the role of leadership within their company

Most leaders benefit from our creative leadership training, but as leadership culture trickles down we’ve found that the most impactful way of transforming your organisation is by changing the leadership styles of senior management and C-suite.

Book a call with us and we can together identify what would suit you best.

Why should you invest in Creative Leadership?

Our Creative leadership workshops focus on the soft skills required to lead a company. Skills that are hard to measure and even harder to transfer. We empower leaders to translate theoretical knowledge into practical, actionable activities and practices for their teams to effectively foster & manage change with the following benefits:

  • Engaged leaders

    Personal growth within leaders, becoming more focused and engaged, seeking continued development and adopting a growth mindset.

  • Inspire growth

    Leaders dedicated to growth, who can foster and drive change as well as seeking out unconventional ideas.

  • Higher EQ

    Foster leaders who can manage interpersonal communication, show cultural intelligence and leverage diversity as well as embracing change.

  • Translating vision

    Create inspiring visions for themselves, their team and the organisation.

  • Lead with creativity

    Leaders who can discover and harness collective genius through empathy, knowledge and creativity.

The Talent Garden Methodology

At Talent Garden we’ve been continuously working with innovative and creative leaders from the startup world, learning from the ones doing to do ourselves. Over the years we’ve created a network of creative leaders who are experts in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Critical Thinking, Active Learning and Decision Making. This together with our well rooted understanding of Design Thinking and innovation process is the foundation for our Creative Leadership workshops.

We will guide you to the best solution for you, putting together exercises based on your needs.

The Process

  1. Engage

    Identify the level of experience with the topic and the knowledge gaps. This is done prior to the workshop to best understand how to create a good learning experience.

  2. Explore

    During the workshop we explore the new concepts together and learn new ways of thinking and acting. Through concrete examples directly tied to situations in the workspace, you will learn how to move with change.

  3. Elaborate

    In the elaboration stage you will get the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to develop a deeper understanding of the topic and reinforce new skills.

One size never fits anyone

We know that every business is different. Before we start the process, we take care to understand your needs and together we identify what will work best for you and your team. Everything to create an experience that is valuable for your business.

Contact us today to get started!

Why partner with Talent Garden?

Whether you want to attract top talent, create tailored learning and development programs or collaborate with communities of professionals to find innovative solutions to your challenges, we have you covered. In Talent Garden we believe that unconventional journeys lead to unexpected and exciting destinations.

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