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Learn how to lead in a new era of work

In just a few years we’ve seen rapid shifts in the workspace; moving from office to flex and remote, silos to cross-functional, hourly based to goal based performance. And there is also a growing need for digital dexterity in traditional organisations. 

With these changes comes an even bigger responsibility on leadership, motivating and managing teams to be productive in uncertain conditions. Leaders today has to inspire self leadership, manage time in an era of never ending meetings, and get results from flexible work. However, many leaders are today struggling to transform and adapt to new ways of working. Not because of a lack of desire to change or not understanding the needs, but because they don’t have the tools and skills.

The startup world hold the key to many of the issues traditional organisations today struggle with, having learned from being nimble and pressed for both time and money. At Talent Garden, we have first hand experience of what is needed to lead and navigate in this new landscape. With our Startup skills for leaders we want to share this knowledge.

In our Startup skills training workshops for leaders we cover:

  • Understand how to foster self leadership and intrapreneurship in yourself and others
  • Managing remote teams
  • Learn how to get results from hybrid work
  • Creating spontaneity and innovation in remote settings
  • How to start working agile, counting work not hours
  • Time management


Who benefits?

Our workshops are aimed at mid- to senior management leadership within your company. However, the majority of your workforce can benefit from learning startup skills.  

Best suited for:

  • Supervising roles

    For example project managers and product owners responsible for operational processes and taking a product from start to finish.

  • Leadership roles

    Responsible for managing teams and reach goals

  • Senior management roles

    Looking to transform ways of working within their organisation

Leading to change and fostering intrapreneurship goes across your organisation. Book a call with us and together we can identify what would suit you best.

Why should you invest in Startup skills for leaders?

Startup skills are very valuable in today’s economy and provides many benefits:

  • Resilience to risk

    Startup skills keep you adaptable to change, resilient and capable of thriving in uncertainty. It’s a framework for transformation and it generates business growth even in crisis times, like during a recession. 

  • Innovation as habit

    Innovation is a key element of aggressive topline growth, but it does have a high failure rate. That is why innovation needs to be a constant practice in your organisation and not a one shot. Startup skills help your teams to work agile and across functions, keeping them data-driven and experimental.

  • Growth

    Intrapreneurial leaders are a key drivers of innovation and growth.

  • Talent acquisition and retention

    Young talent is attracted by entrepreneurial work places with plenty of ownership, flexibility and fast processes. A solid way of retaining talent is to keep them engaged, and entrepreneurship is a key element in this.

In this workshop, you learn startup skills that will help your business grow, attract young talent and reduce costs and time waste.

The Talent Garden Methodology

We at Talent Garden have been working in the startup space for over two decades and have first hand experience in what makes startups successful. In our workshop we cover a range of methods that helps teams progress, but our base is in Agile methodology with emphasis on:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working solutions over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

We focus on how to break down work into smaller increments, to minimise up-front planning and reduce risk and quickly adapt to change. This has been typical for product development teams and within tech, but is beneficial for more functions. Working in iterations, or sprints, teams can become more efficient and cut time to market.

The Process

  1. Engage

    Identify the level of experience with the topic and the knowledge gaps. This is done prior to the workshop to best understand how to create a good learning experience.

  2. Explore

    During the workshop we explore the new concepts together and learn new ways of thinking and acting. Through concrete examples directly tied to situations in the workspace, you will learn how to move with change.

  3. Elaborate

    In the elaboration stage you will get the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to develop a deeper understanding of the topic and reinforce new skills.

One size never fits anyone

We know that every business is different. Before we start the process, we take care to understand your needs and together we identify what will work best for you and your team. Everything to create an experience that is valuable for your business.

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Whether you want to attract top talent, create tailored learning and development programs or collaborate with communities of professionals to find innovative solutions to your challenges, we have you covered. In Talent Garden we believe that unconventional journeys lead to unexpected and exciting destinations.

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