The Future of safe, flexible and innovative workspaces

We want to reassure you that here in Talent Garden you can run your business with peace of mind while connecting with European innovators as we take care of your new workplace needs.

Coworking after coronavirus

Safety, Flexibility, and Community

The COVID-19 crisis may have hit the innovation community hard, but together we can rebuild, redesign, reinvent, we can restart together. There is no denying some things have changed forever, but we also know that through innovation, the future is bright.

Safety mesures in coworking

Enhancing Cleanliness and Sanitation

The safety of our coworkers is paramount and to continue providing safe and secure work environments we have enhanced our cleaning services while using technology to track that it is done on a timely basis. All cleaning products are certified to guarantee maximum sanitization and have increased the disinfecting of common and high-touch areas.
We also provide hand sanitisers at key intervals throughout our spaces to ensure personal hygiene.

Talent Garden responds to COVID-19

Redesigning Physical Spaces

Our approach to redesigning our campuses is based on guidance from local authorities and our own deep risk assessment procedures. A creative yet uncomplicated design provides the appropriate and needed space to guarantee social distancing. To contribute to this we also readapted our currently unused areas like event spaces for further comfort.

We have streamlined the space interactions and member flow with new wayfinding communications and enhanced air quality.

Talent Garden Coworking and Coronavirus

Prioritising Community Health and Wellbeing

We have equipped our campuses with new behavioural signage, safety islands, PPE, and entry temperature controls. We ask our members to wear masks in countries where government regulations have made it mandatory. To protect themselves and others we also set fundamental campus rules.

To support our community we have created online relief initiatives for collaboration, showcase online events and provide our members with tools like Zoom memberships.

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