The Power of Community: The acts of giving and taking!

While warm summer days are approaching and trying to fill us up with good times, the memory of Spring 2020 will undoubtedly be connected to the outbreak of Covid-19 where most entrepreneurs and innovators across Europe have found themselves in new situations.

In uncertain times we often need support and inspiration from likeminded people around us – and that’s where the need of a relevant community comes in. In such a community, we can rely on those around us for support, guidance and solidarity. And it goes both ways:

The enormous interest in supporting each other has been visible in the Talent Garden Community as well and while you might think that people are busy asking for help, we have been overwhelmed with the proactive approach towards helping others. 

Members have asked us how they can support other members the best way possible and if there is a way to share their experiences with others.

In a research study done back in Spring 2020, 50% of the respondents from our community stated that they have already implemented or participated in initiatives that support those most affected by this emergency.

While both our community and Talent Garden as a company were enduring the changes and transformations that the pandemic created, we knew that we had to answer this call. Making sure our members ranging from entrepreneurs, students, corporations, faculty and our very own team could act and support each other even while they may be locked at home or unable to meet in person. We had to truly go beyond these walls, cities and borders. Because being a community is not about inhabiting the same physical space but it is about coming together in any way possible to serve the greater good. The digital explores and innovators inside our community know they will go further if they stick together. So we developed a tool together with the community dedicating a space to solve this exact need. For Talent Garden, it’s our top priority to support our members in supporting each other and that’s why we are now super proud to launch Give & Take – our new community skill-sharing initiative. 

How does it work?

On this dedicated Talent Garden Give & Take Initiative page, you can see all the skills our community can give back and the things they need for support listed and open to be matched by other members. It is also open to all members to add their own offers or requests.

You simply login at the bottom of the page with your Tag People account. Doing this will unlock the opportunity to support and get supported within our trusted community of startups, freelancers, students and innovators within the tech & digital ecosystem. 

The idea is that we all give and take according to our current situation. Maybe you need an hour of marketing knowledge sharing to really get started with that go-to-market strategy, at another time you might have some extra time to help another member as you are an expert in JAVA.

Are you ready to give back to the community? And to see if your needs can be solved?

Let’s get started: 

  1. Open the Talent Garden Give & Take Initiative page
  2. Login with your account 
  3. Take a look at what our “community gives” – would you like to be supported in any of these offers? 
  4. Check out what our “community needs” – Do you think you can help a like minded member?
  5. When you have chosen what you would like to be supported with and/or how you can support, click on the selected box, fill out a form and wait for a response from one of our team members who would connect you with the member if the match is appropriate and agreed upon. 
  6. After the match has been made, you are free to find the right time and place where you would like to meet online or offline – and voila! 

Let’s connect and share knowledge and experiences that even if small makes all the difference. Good luck exploring our new community tool and make sure to join in, take the chance. You never know who you will meet and the impact you will create. Community is exactly about giving and taking.

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