A Day in the Life of A TAG Worker

Ever wonder what it would be like to work at Talent Garden Barcelona? Well, today’s your lucky day. Here is an inside sneak peak of what you can expect from our team at Talent Garden.


Working Conditions

The work environment at Talent Garden is very relaxing and comforting. Coworkers are able to work at their own pace and utilize the space anytime between 9-7 (sometimes even earlier or later). Talent Garden accommodates to their members needs and encourages them to strive in their area of work.



The individuals at Talent Garden thoroughly enjoy interacting and collaborating with each other. This is one of the biggest contributors to the upbeat, energetic, and playful atmosphere displayed in the coworking space. Members from all over the world are able to meet, connect, and converse in this setting.



Not only does Talent Garden offer their members a great place to work, but many other resources they can use throughout the day. They have multiple tables and desks, chairs, work rooms, a white board, sticky notes, computes, and a kitchen. The layout of the space is perfect for people who want to utilize the work rooms or desks and for others who want to take a break, eat their lunch, and relax. Talent Garden also has comfy beanbags and a circle chair for members who want to perform work tasks, while being comfortable.

14 December 2017

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