Barcelona: The Mobile World Movement

Welcome to Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest exhibition for the digital and mobile industry. Last year nearly 101,000 people from 204 countries traveled to Barcelona in hopes of experiencing the newest in digital technology ranging from virtual reality, to app ideas and 3D printing. Due to the thousands of international press and media members, the coverage of this event is extensive and brings publicity to not only Mobile World Congress but also Barcelona as a city and metropolitan hub of commerce and tourism.

The event aims to push the development of mobile and digital ideas and products, in addition to improving people’s lives on a global scale. The three overarching focuses of the event includes the digital empowerment of new generations, digital transformation of industries, and the acceleration of digital innovation through entrepreneurship.

The partnership of innovation with entrepreneurship is crucial to the prevalence of coworking in Barcelona. Because these spaces are brimming with up and coming entrepreneurs and small business start ups, many of which fall into the niche of mobile and digital technology,  Mobile World Congress offers a perfect opportunity for some of the best mobile start ups to connect with venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators and other corporations in the mobile technology field.

Since Talent Garden Barcelona is home to many small businesses and entrepreneurs in the digital technology industry, this connection is a key opportunity for TAG.  Mobile World Congress gives Talent Garden Barcelona clients the chance to develop relationships with these digital corporations of incubators, accelerators and investors, which allows TAG clients to broaden their own clientele and expand their business network.

In addition to promoting a collaborative community among startups and corporations, Mobile World Congress heavily stresses the importance of preserving the environment in regards to limiting waste and promoting recycling in the workplace. In 2015 and 2016 Mobile World Congress has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest carbon neutral trade show. Due to the exponential amount of visitors MWC has each year, they have partnered with Fira Barcelona and other exhibitors in order to minimize the negative environmental impact from the event. Some of their objectives include reducing emissions and waste, educating and encouraging event participants to act “green,” and continually targeting new ways to reduce the environmental impact Mobile World Congress has on Barcelona.

 Due to Mobile World Congress’ prominent focus on the reduction of carbon emission and decrease in the event’s global footprint, MWC 2017 will bring an environmental webinar to the event. Hosted by Factor CO2, they will educate exhibitors on beneficial practices and tips to limit their carbon footprint. This years event will also be home to the Green Stand Initiative which will provide free carbon footprint studies to the first thirty exhibitors. The initiative will confidentially evaluate the impact their stand is having on the event in addition to helping to reduce the effect in the future. All the data will be compiled for the event’s carbon footprint study to display the overall carbon effect of the event, and also help to understand methods MWC can take to continually reduce their environmental impact.

With Mobile World Congress 2017 quickly approaching, the global mobile and digital world is waiting in anticipation for the opportunity to listen to innovative speakers, learn about the newest discoveries in technology, and create connections with people and corporations from all corners of the globe. Despite the massive number of people traveling to Barcelona for the event, Mobile World Congress along with their numerous partners are working to ensure the reduction of the event’s carbon footprint while still promoting the use of digital and mobile technology in everyday lives of businesses and people alike.

9 February 2017

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