Coworking: 5 trend del 2018Coworking: 5 trends of 2018

2017 marked a boom in the coworking sector. The number of shared workspaces has grown exponentially, together with the number of professionals and companies which every day choose an alternative to the traditional office. While on the one hand the number of freelancers increases, on the other, the offer of creative workspaces and their communities widens.

Which will be the trends of this industry in 2018? Here are the major 5

1. Increased demand

It is estimated that 50% of the population will work independently by 2020. If this happens, the demand for shared workspaces will continue to grow rapidly in the next year. According to some estimates, there could be up to 37,000 coworking spaces around the world by the end of 2018. In recent years, coworking has become a symbol of community, connectivity, efficiency and networking. Without underestimating the economic factor: sharing the workspace is in fact a cheaper alternative to the traditional office. 2018 promises to be a year of further growth.


2. Wellbeing

Another trend in the coming year is represented by attention to health, both mental and physical. In addition to the benefits associated with the offer of training or yoga courses within certain shared working spaces, coworking is a healthy choice at an interpersonal level. Working from home or in traditional offices can in fact create isolation, while choosing coworking means joining a community of people with whom to share skills and passions.

3. Large companies

Coworking spaces mainly host small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. However, even larger companies have started to embrace this trend, realizing the added value of working in inter-functional teams rather than in more traditional structures. This solution offers large companies a cheaper alternative to test new and innovative ideas, as well as immediate access to other small businesses and freelancers. Giants such as Facebook, IBM, HSB, Eni and Cisco have entered the world of coworking in 2017 and this trend will certainly continue in 2018.


4. Unexpected places

In the immediate future, it will be increasingly common to find pop-up coworking spaces in unexpected places. Verizon plans to convert 150 buildings that once housed fixed lines and operators in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and D.C. A nightclub in Philadelphia has turned its space into a coworking during weekdays. Also strategic locations next to refreshment points or recreational places keep growing, for the benefit of commuters who walk or use public transportation to get to the office.

5. Technology

Technology certainly does not represent a new trend, but the speed with which it grows, especially in this sector, is incredible and will not decrease in 2018. Advancements such as real-time access, keyless access, app automation (billing, control, network login, meeting room booking, temperature control, etc.) will become increasingly key elements in the daily use of coworking spaces.


Source: WUN Systems

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9 January 2018

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