Coworking and Coliving

With the influx of young professionals, entrepreneurs and digital nomads into the workforce, there has been an increase in the need for housing, especially in urbanized areas. These people are often faced with limited funds and are faced with the difficulty of  finding space in cities where housing prices are incredibly expensive. Thus coliving has been developed as a concept borrowed from coworking as a means to provide housing for people looking to live cheaply in a collaborative community of like minded individuals.

Coliving focuses on creating shared housing in which collaboration, sharing and using communal resources and space where relationships with peers can develop. The purpose of this housing concept is to provide a homely environment where its residents can unite and push each other to create and cultivate skills in a collaborative community.

This concept of a housing is very appealing to people for numerous reasons. One of the first reasons is often times in cities it is difficult to find people to actually connect with. It seems counterintuitive that in a city with thousands to millions of people that it would be challenging. But the large amount of people does not necessarily mean you will find people to actually connect with and share common interests. Therefore coliving can assist with this challenge and provide not only housing, but a group of people that you can engage and develop relationships  with.

28 March 2017

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