Coworking in the Woods

Here at Talent Garden Barcelona, we are part of a Coworking movement that strives to reinvent our relationship with work. In the world of startups, we know our members are all searching for that next great idea and striving to foster their creativity and innovation. We know they don’t need to be confined to cubicles and set work hours, they need spontaneity and flexibility that will let them see the world from new angles and follow their ideas as they come. We value connections between our members and believe collaboration and interaction is one of the keys to a happy work environment. We also believe in the opportunity to create your own rules and work the way you want to work. “Work” shouldn’t be something we dread, it should be something we live by, something we are passionate about and excited to pursue. That’s why we believe in working and living in an environment that lets you do what makes you happy.

We’re so lucky to be in Barcelona with sunny beaches, beautiful parks, good food and a diverse culture. At TAG we want our members to take full advantage and find what they love in this city. We love our inspiring Talent Garden space, but whenever you need some inspiration or a little break from a hard week, you just only have to walk 5 minutes and you’ll find an amazing park in the middle of the city, the Turó parc.

Look up at the trees, take a nap, read a book, have lunch, and disconnect from the stressful, fast paced world around. Bring a coworker or take some time for yourself; either way we urge you to appreciate Barcelona and take full advantage of our location in such an amazing city. We at TAG are here for you to embrace passion, connection, and innovation.  

27 August 2015

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