How to Stay Productive

Being productive can be hard, especially in Barcelona. There is so much to do – the beaches and attractions are calling your name, and all anyone wants to do is spend time outside or with friends. Talent Garden wanted to provide some tips for you.


Take Frequent Breaks

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois showed that taking frequent breaks actually led to more productivity and creativity. In fact, not taking frequent breaks could actually be detrimental to work. Just like any other muscle, the brain gets tired and overworked, and needs a rest in order to perform at its best. It’s also better to take a break before you’re completely exhausted – it keeps your mental “battery” charged without completely depleting it. Read more by clicking this link to a New York Times article:


Make A To-Do List

This sounds like a simple one, but a To-Do list can keep your priorities in check. When you start to get distracted, a list can help you stay on track. Add target dates to the list, so that you know which items you need to prioritize. It’s also smart to jot down how “complete” the task is (0 – 100%). Here is a link to an article in Forbes Magazine about the dos and donts of To-Do lists:


Change Your Location

Just like taking frequent breaks can help productivity, so can changing location. It can get boring to be in the same place, especially in Barcelona where the weather is always so nice. Check out a new cafe, go work at a friends house, or even sit in a different room in your house. Any little change can spark new productivity and ideas!


Wake up Early

This one may be the hardest of all! It is so easy to sleep in and start your day late. Don’t! It’s better to wake up early and be productive, then have a relaxing evening. Starting a day early gives you the energy and power that you need.

30 November 2017

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