More than one million people will work in coworking in 2017

As for 2016, also this year the number of coworking spaces is expected to grow and with it the amount of professionals who decide to share multipurpose offices and networking opportunities. According to the annual Global Coworking Survey, in 2017 more than one million people will work in a coworking space.

Despite the increasing number of coworkers, it is however hard to tell the difference when entering a coworking space. This is mainly due to the fact that these professionals tend to operate at different times of the day: 40% of them work in a coworking space every day, while 30% join the shared office three times a week.

The Global Coworking Survey forecasts moreover that in 2017 there will be around 14.000 coworking spaces in the world and that two out of three major market players will expand their properties even more. Almost 40% of them is moreover planning to open new campuses, a considerably higher percentage compared to 2016. Surprisingly even smaller coworking spaces have expansion plans for the new year (50% of them). If smaller coworking spaces are decreasing, the number of shared offices welcoming every day more than 150 members is steadily growing: these represent almost 20% of the players on the market (they were just the 13% in 2016).

“Attracting new members” is this year’s mantra for about 48% of coworking spaces (the same figure was only 39% in 2016), and this is reasonably connected to the many future new openings. Big and small players have however to pay attention to the “loyalty” of their coworkers: a decreasing number is indeed still working in its first coworking space (from 66% in 2016 to 62% in 2017).

Despite this, the coworkers’ mood is still very much positive. Similarly to last year indeed, 61% of them forecast to increase both profits and work, 73% think they will have new networking possibilities, while 18% believe they will have more free time.

27 January 2017

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