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So you’re a coworker. You’ve found a space where you can connect with other like-minded individuals, be creative and passionate and undistracted from the disturbances of a normal “home office.” You attend events planned by your space, share meals with your fellow coworkers and often collaborate and share ideas with them as well. You go about your day to day tasks efficiently, yet somehow you feel as if something is missing. After thinking about it for a while you begin to realize that you’ve been so caught up in your work that you have begun to lose creativity.

The environment and people you once found to be inspiring have become regimental, and you begin to think that all you might need is a vacation to revitalize yourself with innovativeness, thus infusing your space with the inventiveness it once had. Yet you hesitate. You have limited vacation days, a work project due in a month and you pause at the thought of leaving the collaborative environment that is familiar to you.

Does this sound like you? Then a coworkation might be all you need revitalize your lifestyle and business. The idea behind coworkation is to offer coworkers the chance to take one to two weeks and travel to a new location, (how does Thailand sound?) in order to connect with other coworkers seeking the same respite in order to refresh their own businesses.

Coworkation stresses the importance of travel and a location independent work space in order to further the influx of creativity that a new environment often brings. This change of pace and scenery is exactly what they strive for as they believe in the promotion of freedom, connecting people, and the impact that the world around you can have on you and your business.

By venturing to one of the four locations that Coworkation has to offer, they hope to inspire you through travel, and help foster new and innovative ideas that can assist in rejuvenating not only your business but your mindset and way in which you create.

So if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business startup or anything in between, and feel like you’re stuck in a creative rut, head over to There you can book a vacation meant to benefit how you work, stimulate creativity, and connect you with others who share the same goal. Don’t let your business be dependent on your location.  

Where will you work next?

4 May 2017

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