TAG Summer Card

Are you planning a productive summer holiday? Talent Garden has a special offer for you: unlimited access to the Talent Garden coworking campuses from June to September.

TAG Summer Card gives you a 24/7 summer access to the most creative coworking campuses in the whole Talent Garden network around Europe.

Here are all the details:

– Access to campus 24 / 7
– Access to wifi, kitchen, meeting rooms and all the other facilities
– Partner offers: Google, Microsoft Bizpark, Zendesk and many others.
– Access to TAG events
– Discounts on partner events internationally
– Introduction to the international network on the TAG platform

Travel and work for only € 500 from June 1 to September 15, 2015.

Check out the Talent Garden campus nearby and get your summer deal. Get in touch with us for a visit at info@talentgarden.it.

14 May 2015

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