Values of a Coworking Space

What are Coworking values and what does it mean to have them in the space where you work?

Values typically are the principles or standard behaviors we hold and follow individually in order to live our best life. However, we also know that our values are often shaped by our experiences and our environment and that in order to function in our community together, there must be some agreement or mutual goal involved. We then must ask ourselves, what principles would we want our workplace to hold as a member of the coworking community?

In a coworking space we can find that value means reciprocal benefits, inclusive and comfortable environments, and mutual goals. Popular and possibly universal coworking values include these 5 subjects. The provided values have been weighed and determined on the basis of agreement and conversation in over five different blogs and websites related to coworking alone. Read the summary below on what values might look like in the coworking environment.

Common Coworking Values

1.  Community: In the context of coworking, an emphasis has to be put on the community aspect. Coworking is both an individualistic space as well as a collectivist space. This means that while the space and system itself gives priority to a member to be their own boss, it still also strives to focus on the shared goal of everyone instead of only one person. An important part of a coworking space in comparison to a private office, is the opportunity to be your own boss without losing the feel of a traditional workplace where you would have companions and coworkers. Thus, in any career that involves more people than you, the decisions that you make impact someone else and ultimately can have a ripple effect. When coming to a space where you want to be successful, the community in which you operate will want the effect of what you do and how it might affect them, to be considered.

2.  Openness: Openness is important because it includes being yourself and feeling free in the space you’re occupying. With this as a core value, you will be able to build honest relationships over time and therefore be more comfortable in your environment.

3.  Collaboration: Coworking spaces are a great place to learn how to collaborate. When this is a value, working together with other members becomes easier and the community becomes stronger.

4.  Sustainability: Sustainability often holds the synonyms of support, supply, or preserve over time. So what does that look like in a Coworking space? As CoWorking Google requoted Ron Finley in his TED talk; “Put plainly, as applied to coworking spaces, it means making sure our businesses, our communities, are structured in a way that a continuous loop of giving and receiving balances out so that the community can persist.” Sustainability means resources and opportunities given and taken in order for everyone as a whole to keep moving forward.

5.  Accessibility: The more accessible the space is, the more likely someone is willing to show up, be self-motivated and and add influence to a positive environment. What does this look like in a coworking space though? It means being accessibility in a tangible and intangible way. For example, physical location is important in terms of proximity to daily rituals like getting coffee or going to the gym. Connections within the coworking community is important too, making sure that resources and guidance is available for members when desired. To put this into perspective, a coworking space is one of the only places in the world where every single person in the room is there because they chose to be, because they can be.

Other values as seen by coworking spaces that already exist and are being put into practice include those listed and explained by Talent Garden itself…

1.  The value of Talent; Freelancers, startups, agencies, journalists, writers, investors, makers, companies and all that digital.
2.  Sharing includes facilities like; Open working space, lounge, café, lunch area, meeting rooms and event spaces
3.  Happiness looks like; Growing together not only professionally but also personally: sharing interests, hobbies and activities
4.  Inspiration is implemented in; Meetings, workshops, trainings and talks with contagious motivation
5.  Growth includes the influence of; Full package of utilities for your work and extra services from partners, This could include partners such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and many others
6.  Impact is brought through; Bridging traditional business with the TAG digital community and helping companies to be more innovative.

13 December 2017

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