Welcome to our new members L+R!

Barcelona is a vibrant city that keeps attracting innovative and creative industries.

This month we welcome our new coworkers from Levin & Riegner LLC., also known as L+R!

L+R is a creative agency & technology team founded in Brooklyn, New York. They began four years ago and have driven towards making an impact in the creative technology community in the United States.

“Merging Strategy and Aesthetics” is L+R’s philosophy and process when developing their projects. Their newly international team operates as a design research & development shop that uses design thinking for ideation and fast-prototyping to uncover effective design solutions. As more of their development team began operating out of Barcelona, setting up a European homebase within Talent Garden in Barcelona became the next logical step for L+R in order to expand their team and their growing roster of happy clients.

Most recently, their award-winning work has included unique digital marketing activations and experiences, mobile applications, website redesigns, brand identity creation, concept development, and motion graphics for inspiring clients such as GE, Amazon, Global Citizen Festival, Nestle, Unilever, Bond, Google, Footlocker, as well as many other exciting startups.

“The L+R team is extremely excited to be opening up our European office in Barcelona at Talent Garden. We look forward to the incredibly talented people we will have access to collaborate with and the innovative climate Barcelona offers. We believe there is magic in diverse teams operating in the space where strategy meets aesthetics. The connection between the United States and Spain is very important to us and our vision is set on a larger opportunity to bring meaningful value to both countries and beyond.”

– Alex Levin, co-founder and Director of Strategy.

L+R also invites clients, employees and fellow coworkers in Talent Garden to visit either offices as an opportunity to increase creative technology mindshare on the global stage.

Feel free to view their work here and reach out if you’re interested in connecting!

14 November 2016

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